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This week Canterbury emo-rock four piece Moose Blood release their debut full-length.
Entitled 'I'll Keep You In Mind, From Time To Time', the record contains eleven songs that
wear their hearts on their sleeves and is wrapped in a plethora of catchy hooks. We spoke to two fourths of the band as drummer Glenn Harvey and bassist Kyle Todd discussed the
album, working with Beau Burchell, joining up with No Sleep Records, and more.
The new EP from Manchester's Hora Douse, 'Crash' is streaming right here on Already Heard. Give it a listen and relive those older days when post hardcore could be a little bit twangly.
Last month we were spoilt for choice when it came to picking our must hear releases for September, and October is no different. Find out what the Already Heard team picked out as their five essential releases for October.
On Monday November 3rd, Midland hardcore punk band We Fight Like Kids release their
debut EP, 'Superficial Behaviour'. However we're premiering their new video for 'Falconer' right here on Already Heard.
For Scottish quartet Alburn, their latest EP ('Mouthful of Glass') has been a longtime coming. Having undergone a slight line-up since their formation in 2007, 'Mouthful of Glass'
showcases a significant amount of growth and maturity. We spoke to Pete Duthie to ask him about the bands background, that inevitable Brand New comparison, the Scottish music
scene and more.
On first listen we fell in love Noyo Mathis and knew that 'Endure' needed to be heard. It's post hardcore meets emo meets indie meets math rock. Take a listen to the full EP right here.
Without a doubt Neck Deep are one of this years breakout bands. After kicking off the year
with the release of their debut LP, 'Wishful Thinking', the Wrexham pop-punk five piece
haven’t stopped touring since. From festival appearances throughout the UK and Europe to 2 months in North America as part of the Vans Warped Tour. We caught up with vocalist Ben Barlow and bassist Fil Thorpe-Evans at the Leeds Festival. They discussed their past festival experiences, supporting Blink-182, their up and coming UK headline tour and being
“leaders” of the UK pop-punk movement.

Album Review: Colt 45 - The Tide Is Turning

imageWith a name like Colt 45, you might expect this band to deliver something powerful, energetic and maybe even something with enough forward momentum that it might bowl you over. Alternatively, you could be hoping for material as good as the Afroman classic of the same name. Once you hear new album ‘The Tide Is Turning’ however, you’ll know it is anything but, as you vow to never let linguistic similarity get the better of you again.

Colt 45 has managed to craft 38 minutes of some of the most painfully generic rock in recent times. Full to the brim with unoriginal, uninspired power chord riffs, it would be easy for this album to pass you over. Sadly, it’s so overwhelmingly vapid it’s actually capable of being noticed and heard above the groans it should induce on anyone with functional ears.

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Colt 45 Stream New Album (‘The Tide Is Turning’)

Ahead of its release next week, Colt 45 are streaming their debut album, 'The Tide Is Turning' in its entirety.

The album can be streamed here or by clicking read more.

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New Colt 45 Video (‘O.K.’)

Colt 45 are gearing up for the release of their debut full-length, 'The Tide Is Turning' on 28th July. Now as a preview of what to expect the trio have posted the music video for 'O.K.'.

The album will be released through Visible Noise, and the video can be viewed after the jump.

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Colt 45 Preview Debut Album with ‘O.K.’

Colt 45 have posted the first single from their forthcoming debut full-length - 'The Tide Is Turning'.

The track is called 'O.K.' and can be streamed via Punktastic or by clicking read more.

'The Tide Is Turning' will be released through Visible Noise on 28th July.

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Colt 45 Confirm Debut Album Release

Colt 45 have confirmed their debut album, 'The Tide Is Turning' will be released through Visible Noise on 28th July.

A single titled 'O.K.' is set to be released later this month.

An exclusive two part studio report feature with Colt 45 can be viewed here and here.

Album Review: Salem Rages - Aspects of the Deepest Gloom

Think Joy Division, think Misfits, think AFI sometime around the year 2000. In many ways this review could begin and end with that sentence. If you’re down with those bands, you’ll likely be down with Salem Rages. If you’re not, you likely won’t. Of course there’s more to it than a simple ‘FFO:’ list. For a start ‘Aspects of the Deepest Gloom’ isn’t as untouchable as those masters. It’s an excellent debut though. Dark and theatrical – recorded in Yorkshire because that’s the last place in England to see a woman burned as a witch. Recorded in a storm. It reeks of showmanship but remains organic, as if grown from the charred earth beneath the stake.

Following instrumental introduction ‘1692’ (the year of the Salem Witch Trials, of course), Salem Rages tears through next half hour in style. Starting strong but growing as the record moves on. ‘B.A.T.S.’ ( “Burn at the stake!” ) is excellent. Following track ‘New Grave’ has a creepy piano intro before combusting into more gloom punk magic. Earlier, ‘Thirteen Times’ (these song names should be telling you what to expect of this record) could be Joy Division covering The Cure. Penultimate track, ‘Fall Of Greatness’ is top pick though. Featuring some Davey Havok-esque soaring vocals this track nails down the band’s fantastic sound.

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Peasant’s King Set to Release Double EP

Pontypridd, Wales alt-rockers Peasant’s King have announced they will release their ‘Kingdom’ and ‘Four Walls Are Home’ EP’s as a bundle on May 12th through Visible Noise.

Studio Report: Colt 45 - The Tide Is Turning (Week Two)

Cumbria punk trio Colt 45 are back with the second and final part of their "Studio Report" feature. The band have been working with producer Romesh Dodangoda on their debut full-length, which is set to be released through Visible Noise in May.

Week two sees the band working ahead of schedule and finishing off 'The Tide Is Turning' before they begin a run of UK dates.

If you’re interested in setting up a future “Studio Report” feature, please contact Sean Reid.

Week 2
Half-way point and we’re ahead of schedule, with all drums, bass and a bunch of guitars tracked. We ventured for a night out in Cardiff with Romesh and his good friends from the Kids In Glass Houses camp and went to see what the Welsh capital had for us, which soon transpired was a hellish one-way traffic system and nowhere to park! We eventually made it round a few pubs and clubs which was a good way to relax after a few hectic days in the studio, and to hang out with Romesh outside of the sessions was a nice change. We then spent our day off (Sunday) by going for a drive to Porthcawl on the South Wales coast to revisit my youth (many a teenage summer was spent here with my Dad), and we enjoyed walking along the angry sea front and stopping to take some photos. All refreshed and relaxed we headed back in to the studio bright eyed and bushy tailed for week 2….

Day 6
A big coffee fix was needed all round this morning following our night out with Romesh and other than the sound of guitars being tracked, the control room was silent. Plenty to do however, and Neil bashed on with tracking lots of guitar layers whilst Gareth and I started looking at extra bits and pieces – harmonies, acoustic parts, post-production ideas. By the end of the day we had nearly all the guitar tracks completed, not bad at all. Now home to watch Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, what a hoot, was that serious?!

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Studio Report: Colt 45 - The Tide Is Turning (Week One)

Today we’re launching a new feature called "Studio Report". As you might of guessed, the feature sees us checking in with a band who are currently in the studio working on new material.

To launch the feature Cumbria punk trio Colt 45 have offered to give us a day-by-day account of their first week recording their debut full-length. They are currently recording with Romesh Dodangoda who has previously produced for the likes of Funeral For A Friend, Bullet For My Valentine, Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout, and many others.

Colt 45's debut LP will be titled 'The Tide Is Turning' and will be released in May through Visible Noise. As we join the band for week one of their "Studio Report", we learn the trio and Romesh quickly get to work on putting the record together.

If you’re interested in setting up a future "Studio Report" feature, please contact Sean Reid.

Week 1
We’ve been looking forward to returning to Cardiff to work with Romesh for months. Our previous visits have been amazing, if brief, and we were so pleased with the results heard on our debut EP releases (re-issued as 'Coughing Up Confessions' last year on Visible Noise). So he was the obvious choice when it came to deciding who was going to produce our debut album proper for the label. 'The Tide Is Turning' is released in May, and approaching the project with so much more time than we’re used to has helped us relax and get the best out of ourselves and the songs. Romesh knows how we work, and we know how he works, it gels, and the sessions so far have been really enjoyable and laid back as a result. We can’t wait for people to hear it! Here’s what’s been going down so far…

Day 1
The drive from Cumbria to South Wales is a pretty long one, we’ve done it many times, but it was nice to do it in half-reasonable conditions for a change. Despite all the flooding, we made it down fairly quickly in Fritz (our van), and got acquainted with our new home for the fortnight – a really nice ground floor flat just outside Cardiff near the sea. It’s even got different colour LED lights in the hallway for Gareth to do his yoga on in the mornings. All settled in, down to business.

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Salem Rages Confirm Debut Album Release (‘Aspects Of The Deepest Gloom’)

Gloom-Punk protégées Salem Rages are set to release their debut album, 'Aspects Of The Deepest Gloom' through Visible Noise in April.

1. 1692
2. One For Sorrow
3. Thirteen Times
4. Death Tides
5. Black_White II
6. Smokescreen Afterlife
7. 1985
8. Shaddow Of A Rat
9. B.A.T.S
10. New Grave
11. Fall Of Greatness
12. Purging Of The Flowers

Visible Noise Sign Peasant’s King

Pontypridd, Wales alt-rockers Peasant’s King have signed to Visible Noise.

The quintet are currently working on new music to be released later this year. In the meantime, the bands video for 'Antidotes' can be viewed by clicking read more.

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Colt 45 Reveal Debut Album Title

Colt 45 have revealed their debut album will be titled 'The Tide Is Turning' and is set to be released in May through Visible Noise.

The band made the following comment about the record:

“‘The Tide is Turning’ offers a pretty good insight into our collective mind-set just now - both musically and in terms of our ambition for the future.

The last few years have been a hard slog of gigging all over the UK and self-releasing EP’s to build our profile and reputation, whilst holding down full time jobs and juggling the rest of our lives to make COLT 45 our priority. We’re now lucky to enjoy the support of Visible Noise and this has enabled us to enter 2014 with a fantastic opportunity to really make our mark. That’s what we want to do with this album; we believe in the new songs and feel as though a change is on the horizon - one that will hopefully enable us to take COLT 45 to new heights. That’s why ‘The Tide is Turning’ stood out as THE lyric from the album which really sums up the mood in camp just now….we can’t wait to get started and for you everyone to hear it!”

The album is currently being recorded and the trio are working with producer Romesh Dodangoda.

Colt 45 will follow up the recording of the album with a UK tour next month alongside Electric River and The Hostiles.

01 London – The Garage w/ Electric River
07 Gateshead - Black Bull w/ Electric River
08 Carlisle - Sands Centre w/ Electric River
11 Glasgow - Bar Bloc w/ The Hostiles
15 Lancaster - Yorkshire House
21 Lancaster - Yorkshire House w/ The Hostiles
22 London - New Cross Inn w/ The Hostiles
23 Manchester - Gullivers w/ The Hostiles
10 Kendal - Bootleggers
18 Bolton - Alma Rooms
24 Consett - Club That Rocks

Colt 45 Set To Record New Album

Colt 45 are set to record their debut album next month with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Kids In Glass Houses, Twin Atlantic, Funeral For A Friend).

The band made the following comment about the record:

“The new songs expand on theme’s we’ve covered before, but come from a more optimistic point of view - we’re still pissed off, but nowadays we can see a little more light at the end of the tunnel…

Having Romesh back on board is amazing. He really understands our music and always gets the best out of us. 2014 should be a very exciting year - we can’t wait to get this album released and get back on the road playing as many shows as possible.”

Colt 45's debut album is set to be released in May through Visible Noise.

Colt 45 Posts Acoustic ‘I’m Drowning, Not Waving’ Video

Colt 45 have posted an acoustic session video of 'I'm Drowning, Not Waving' from Gibson Studios London.

The video can be viewed by clicking read more and the track appears on the bands latest album, 'Coughing Up Confessions' which is out now on Visible Noise.

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Album Review: COLT 45 - Coughing Up Confessions

When your influences include Alkaline Trio, At The Drive, The Gaslight Anthem, Glassjaw and Brand New you know that a band has a repertoire of influences that when combined will create something special and COLT 45 do just that.

Playing a mixture of punk infused alt-rock COLT 45 could be lumbered with a whole myriad of similar bands who could simply play linear rock hits that have no real guts to them but this album feels more focused and raw which sets it apart.

‘Coughing Up Confessions’ is a re-release of their last two EPs into the form of a full release, which showcases the journey that the band has taken in regards to their evolution. I wish more bands would do this as it shows they’re proud of their beginnings and the direction which their band has taken.

For the most part the songs are well moulded to create memorable passages, this is aided with guitar hooks, riffs and warming vocals but what really pushes this album forward is the drums. The punk edge really shows in the drumming, disco beats, rolls and over the top fills are scattered throughout the whole of ‘Coughing Up Confessions’ and adds a fun factor and gives the songs an extra layer of depth.

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