With their new album, ‘Twin Galaxies’ set to be released on June 15th through Big Scary Monsters, Delta Sleep have shared another track from the record.

You can hear ‘Spy Turtles’. The track takes a more electronic-inspired approach rather than the quartets usual math rock sound.

Frontman Devin Yüceil had this to say about the track:

“Spy Turtles started out as an intro to Spy Dolphin, the next song on the album. We used the same chord progressions but played them on a pulsating underwater sounding keyboard. I brought the demo to my excellent producer / housemate Jack Lucas Dolan, and the song took a life of its own once we added the vocals and subtle percussive cues. Lyrically it’s a segment in the story where the main protagonist wakes up to find his room being flooded. He grabs his old scuba kit and dives into the water, eventually watching his house crumble to the bottom of the sea.”

4th Old Blue Last, London
5th Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds
6th Bumper, Liverpool
7th The Stag & Hounds, Bristol
18th Truck Festival, Oxford
22nd ArcTanGent Festival, Bristol

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