Download Festival 2015 is finally here! The UK’s biggest rock festival once again takes over Donington Park this weekend. With some of the biggest names in the world playing alongside the best up-and-coming acts, Download has a hell of a lot to offer. Add to that the variety of campsite activies such as Progress Wrestling, speed dating, KISS face painting etc, and you’re left with what is definitely going to be a memorable weekend.

But with so much on offer, who do you go and watch? Well Already Heard is here to give you some friendly advice. We’ve picked out 20 bands that you just HAVE to see this weekend. From rock legends to emerging UK punk, there is tons of variety at Download and we’ve got the low down on who you should be watching in the coming days.

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Do we really need to give this band an introduction? Donington Park is practically there second home having played the festival several times before. 2015 will be the third time the masked men from Iowa have headlined Download. As always expect a monstrous show with everything you want from a Slipknot show and then some. If you’re not left aching after the chaos that is Slipknot on Saturday morning, then you’re missing out. (SR)

Where & When: 9:20pm – Main Stage – Friday June 12th.

Marilyn Manson
Following the resounding success of this year’s towering ‘The Pale Emperor’, Marilyn Manson headlines the Zippo Encore Stage, bringing all the best of his macabre theatre back to Donington after a long absence. Bringing the foreboding ‘Personal Jesus’ and the menacing ‘mOBSCENE’ to life in the most extravagantly memorable way only Manson knows how, this might well be the first time British shores are graced with the dulcet biker bar tones of ‘Mephistopheles Of Los Angeles’ and phenomenally engaging ‘Deep Six’. Download is set to witness a showcase worthy of a frontman born out of controversy and plagued by it. (AC)

Where & When: 9:00pm – Zippo Encore Stage – Saturday June 13th.

The face paint, the leather, the studs, the platform boots, that tongue – KISS are the veritable giants of glam rock. Gracing Sunday’s headline slot, the ‘70s are back with a relentless vengeance at Donington, with the timeless hits ‘Rock & Roll All Nite’ and ‘Love Gun’ holding memories for all ages in the crowd that night. As if we didn’t already know ‘God Gave Rock & Roll To You’, the reformation of their era’s arguably most iconic time capsule since their last appearance in 2008 is bound to close Download with an almighty bang only the towering quartet can do best. (AC)

Where & When: 9:05pm – Main Stage – Sunday June 14th.

Just weeks removed from their showing at Slam Dunk, Beartooth are back in the UK and are ready to steal the show once again. The Ohio group have been building a strong following with their blistering riffs, powerful vocals and overall enegetic shows. Be sure to catch this rising metalcore band on the Maverick stage whilst you can, we have a feeling that next time they arrive at Download they will be higher up the bill. (SR)

Where & When: 4:45pm – The Maverick Stage – Friday June 12th.

Fearless Vampire Killers
Last year’s concept continuation album ‘Unbreakable Hearts’ saw Fearless Vampire Killers up their game beyond all expectations, and their second home of Donington welcomes them back with open arms for the fourth time. The Beccles quintet take to the Zippo Encore Stage with an armoury full of rousing theatrical tracks, such as the contagious ‘Maeby’ and the energetic ‘Neon In The Dance Halls’, to add to their already lively set list. Unstoppable, quirky and undeniably memorable, Fearless Vampire Killers are almost a British festival staple by now, and their genre-bending performance is always guaranteed to start the day off right. (AC)

Where & When: 1:55pm – Zippo Encore stage – Friday June 12th.

With no doubt we’ve been fans of these Brighton skate punks for a number of years now. Having produced a set with mixed results on the main stage at last years Leeds Festival, Gnarwolves are sure to feel more at home in the Maverick tent on Friday. Expect the trio to blast their way through their brand of fun, raw and catchy punk rock. They’re sure to leave you with a huge grin on your face. (SR)

Where & When: 2:50pm – The Maverick Stage – Friday June 12th.

These fierce Canadian’s arrive at Download with anticipation of their fourth album ‘Tragedy Will Find Us’ gaining momentum. Counterparts will be opening the weekend up on the Maverick stage giving everyone a healthy dose of pulsating melodic hardcore as their wake up call. Their style continues to take in elements of other genres (metal, pop punk etc) but is consistently ferocious. (SR)

Read our Download preview interview with Counterparts here.

Where & When: 1:00pm – The Maverick Stage – Friday June 12th.

When Muse were announced as headliners way back in November, the response was mixed to say the least. Some were thrilled, some dismissed them instantly. I even saw someone on Facebook saying they were’t a rock band! Well the Devon trio have a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist, so in our eyes thats a rock band. And if anyone has seen Muse over the years, they will tell you they can certainly rock. Having worked with AC/DC producer Matt Lange on their new album (‘Drones’), Muse arrive at Download with a point to prove but we think they will soon change the minds of the naysayers. Expect insane riffs from Matt Bellamy, loads of pyro and more. (SR)

Where & When: 9:05pm – Main Stage – Saturday June 13th.

A Day to Remember
These Ocala, Florida natives make their return to Donington after an insane 18 months. ‘Common Courtesy’ was welcomed with open arms by fans and critics and with numerous treks back to the UK in the past 12 months, ADTR have proven to be one of the must see live acts in the world of rock. Their brand of “pop mosh” is certain to send the Download crowd into a frenzy. As they make the step up to the main stage, we’re sure ADTR will produce one of the highlights of the weekend. (SR)

Where & When: 5:45pm – Main Stage – Saturday June 13th.

Mallory Knox
Although they’ve become one of the UK’s leading underground rock bands over the past 2 years, still Mallory Knox arrive at Download with a point to prove. Their mix of stringiant alt rock guitars and melodic hooks may not been the most “metal” style you’ll hear all weekend. However MK have the songs to win over a crowd as ‘Shout At The Moon’ and ‘Beggars’ are certain to have you singing along in no time. (SR)

Where & When: 12:50pm – Main Stage – Saturday June 13th.

Every Time I Die
Without a doubt Buffalo’s finest know how to deliver a rock n roll show. With their swaggering riffs, fierce drumwork and Keith Buckley’s roaring vocals, Every Time I Die have a bit of everything you want from a rock band. On record they’re constantly ferocious but on stage they take things to a whole another level. Let the carnage ensue! (SR)

Where & When: 5:35pm – The Maverick Stage – Saturday June 13th.

These Southampton gloom punks are one of Already Heard’s 50 bands to watch in 2015. That fact alone should be the reason to catch them on Saturday afternoon right? Nevertheless with their mix big choruses and bleak lyrics, Creeper are certain to deliver a punk rock-sized punch to Download. It’s just one of many festival appearances for the Southampton group, so get down to Jake’s stage and start to familiarize yourself with Creeper, as you’ll be hearing a lot more from them. (SR)

Where & When: 3:10pm – Jake’s Stage – Saturday June 13th.

Black Veil Brides
In support of the solidarity and defiance they frequently idolise in their lyrics, Hollywood’s Black Veil Brides are back at Donington with full barrels. Following 2014’s relentless self-titled record, Download is set to witness their glam metal vengeance anthems brought to life, told from the bottom of their own ‘Heart Of Fire’. Returning armed with the jaw-dropping contagion of ‘Fallen Angels’ and the towering ‘In The End’, Black Veil Brides always guarantee a show to draw new fans in, standing shoulder to shoulder with the most dedicated fanbase their genre has witnessed in years. (AC)

Where & When: 7:40pm – Zippo Encore Stage – Saturday June 13th.

Motionless In White
Late last year, ‘Reincarnate’ saw a defiant return for Motionless In White, combining the best of their two previous albums to create an unapologetically gothic and energised all-rounder. The dark metallers take to the Zippo Encore Stage for the first time since their third stage triumph in 2013, no doubt bringing with them the enduring ‘Abigail’ and the indomitable ‘Reincarnate’ to round off an already electric set list. Established favourites that have deservedly shot to fame in a matter of years, Motionless In White know the tricks of entertaining and leaving a lasting impression, and Download will be no exception. (AC)

Where & When: 5:15pm – Zippo Encore Stage – Saturday June 12th.

Just months after a superb UK tour alongside Less Than Jake, Yellowcard are back in the UK for Download and have the honour of closing out the third stage. The veteran Florida pop-punks have an arsenal of set-stealing songs. From the classics such as ‘Ocean Avenue’ and ‘Way Away’ to more recent, energetic material like ‘Crash The Gates’, Yellowcard are neat and slick addition to the Download bill amongst the heavier acts on offer. (SR)

Where & When: 7:35pm – The Maverick Stage – Sunday June 14th.

Andrew WK
Metal’s most able party-starting showman Andrew WK headlines the Maverick stage at Donington on his first appearance, and quite deservedly so. Charged with the timeless tunes of ‘Party Hard’ and ‘We Want Fun’ under his decidedly white belt, Andrew WK brings an unrivalled energy and an entire set packed to the rafters with anthems to get you on your feet, no matter how exhausted the weekend may have rendered you. Donning his trademark head-to-toe not-so-white ensemble and accompanied by many remarkable shredders, it would be ‘Totally Stupid’, and quite frankly impossible, for Andrew’s first Download performance to be his last. (AC)

Where & When: 7:55pm – Maverick Stage – Saturday June 13th.

We Are Harlot
Classic rock ‘n’ roll’s new poster boys We Are Harlot make their UK debut at Donington. Fronted by ex-Asking Alexandria’s Danny Worsnop and harvesting their talent from Sebastian Bach, Silvertide and Revolution Renassiance, We Are Harlot have instantly made colossal waves in their genre, garnering award nominations mere months after their debut hit the shelves. Expect bandanas on mic stands, and sharp, Aerosmith-esque moves from D’Snop. With the contagion of ‘Denial’ and the soaring energy of ‘The One’, Download is set to showcase the best of a band that have brought rock ‘n’ roll back at its sleaziest, dirtiest and downright catchiest. (AC)

Where & When: 2:25pm – Zippo Encore Stage – Sunday June 14th.

The Ghost Inside
Heading to Donington Park fresh from a chain of European festival shows, LA’s metalcore giants The Ghost Inside take to the Maverick stage with their signature unrelenting performance. November’s self-critical record ‘Dear Youth’ showcased the men at their most reflective and introspective, so the set list, hopefully perfected by the presence of contagious ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Dear Youth (Day 52)’, will summarise a career of energised, revenge-laden anthems worth going crazy to. Two years after their defiant last appearance at Download Festival, frontman Jonathan Vigil will no doubt grace the stage with the same boundless energy, mirrored flawlessly by their hardcore demographic. (AC)

Where & When: 6:25pm Maverick Stage – Sunday June 14th.

Like A Storm
Like A Storm have swiftly broken the international scene with two beautifully contrasting words – didgeridoo metal. Fresh from a storming US tour, Like A Storm are New Zealand’s next tantalisingly dynamic export, contrasting the ancient wind instrument with modern day electric guitar riffs with consummate professionalism. Formed initially as a trio of brothers and later including drummer Zach Wood, these natural showmen have been playing music together for as long as they can remember. From the contagious ‘Love The Way You Hate Me’ to the vengeance anthem of ‘Wish You Hell’, the Maverick stage is due for a big surprise. (AC)

Where & When: 11:00am – Maverick Stage – Sunday June 14th.

New Years Day
The resolutely gothic circus of California’s New Years Day comes to town, finally bringing their relentless stage show to the hallowed Donington stage for the first time. Their first UK appearance in the brilliantly morbid shadow of last year’s ‘Epidemic EP’, Sunday’s set list likely combines fan favourite ‘Angel Eyes’ with the rousing new hit ‘Other Side’. Opening Jake’s Stage, New Years Day’s stunningly energetic performance won’t be the ‘Death Of The Party’, but frontlady Ash Costello will no doubt leave a few bite marks on Download, just so their pioneering ‘Hauntedmansioncore’ won’t be forgotten in any sort of hurry. (AC)

Where & When: 12:40pm – Jake’s Stage – Saturday June 13th.

Stage Times
Friday | Saturday | Sunday

Friday 12th June

Main Stage
1:00pm All That Remains
1:45pm HellYeah
2:35pm At The Gates
3:30pm Lacuna Coil
4:40pm Clutch
5:50pm Five Finger Death Punch
7:20pm Judas Priest
9:20pm Slipknot

Zippo Encore Stage
1:00pm Rival State
1:55pm Fearless Vampire Killers
2:50pm Blues Pills
3:50pm Antemasque
4:50pm Modestep
5:55pm Corrosion Of Conformity
7:00pm Thunder
8:25pm Black Stone Cherry

The Maverick Stage
1:00pm Counterparts
1:55pm Krokodil
2:50pm Gnarwolves
3:45pm Defeater
4:45pm Beartooth
5:45pm Sylosis
6:55pm Dragonforce
8:05pm Fightstar

Jake’s Stage
1:00pm E Of E
1:50pm God Damn
2:40pm The Wild Lies
3:30pm Blood Youth
4:20pm Allusondrugs
5:10pm American Fangs
6:00pm Decade
6:50pm The One Hundred
7:40pm Cadillac Three
8:30pm Bombus
9:30pm Young Guns
10:15pm A

Dog’s Bed Stage
6:50pm Rival State
7:45pm Beasts
8:40pm Hands Like Houses

Saturday 13th June

Main Stage
11:00am Heart Of A Coward
11:50am Funeral For A Friend
12:50pm Mallory Knox
2:00pm Hollywood Undead
3:10pm Parkway Drive
4:25pm Rise Against
5:45pm A Day To Remember
7:05pm Faith No More
9:05pm Muse

Zippo Encore Stage
11:00am The Lounge Kittens
11:50am Geyser
12:40pm Malefice
1:30pm Apocalyptica
2:25pm Ace Frehley
3:20pm Testament
4:15pm Carcass
5:15pm Motionless In White
6:25pm Black Star Riders
7:40pm Black Veil Brides
9:00pm Marilyn Manson

The Maverick Stage
11:00am In Hearts Wake
11:55am Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
12:50pm Stray From The Path
1:45pm Hands Like Houses
2:40pm Upon A Burning Body
3:35pm Northlane
4:35pm Crown The Empire
5:35pm Every Time I Die
6:45pm Bodycount
7:55pm Andrew WK

Jake’s Stage
11:00am Iconic Eye
11:50am Love Zombies
12:40pm New Years Day
1:30pm Emp!re
2:20pm Crobot
3:10pm Creeper
4:00pm Roam
4:50pm The Struts
5:40pm Dub War
6:30pm Purson
7:20pm Insomnium
8:15pm Dolomite Minor
9:10pm The Pink Slips
10:05pm Hey! Hello!

Dog’s Bed Stage
6:30pm Crobot
7:25pm Von Hertzen Brothers
8:20pm Tim Vantol

Sunday 14th June

Main Stage
11:00am Pop Evil
11:50am 36 Crazyfists
12:45pm Cavalera Conspiracy
1:50pm Tremonti
2:55pm Blackberry Smoke
4:00pm Billy Idol
5:20pm Slash
7:00pm Motley Crue
9:05pm KISS

Zippo Encore Stage
11:00am The Dead Daisies
11:50am H.E.A.T
12:40pm Von Hertzen Brothers
1:30pm Backyard Babies
2:25pm We Are Harlot
3:20pm Godsmack
4:15pm Eagles Of Death Metal
5:15pm L7
6:25pm In Flames
7:40pm Lamb Of God
9:05pm Enter Shikari

The Maverick Stage
11:00am Like A Storm
12:00pm September Mourning
1:00pm Evil Scarecrow
2:00pm Code Orange
3:00pm The Darkness
4:15pm Three Days Grace
5:15pm Madball
6:25pm The Ghost Inside
7:35pm Yellowcard

Jake’s Stage
11:00am Sirens In The Delta
11:50am Beasts
12:40pm Colour Of Noise
1:30pm Hyena
2:20pm LTNT
3:10pm Trash Boat
4:00pm Rene Lavice
4:50pm The Qemists
5:40pm Man With A Mission
6:30pm Aaron Keylock
7:20pm Butcher Babies
8:15pm Chelsea Grin
9:10pm Fidlar
10:05pm Suicidal Tendencies

Dog’s Bed Stage
6:30pm Fearless Vampire Killers
7:25pm Broken Chords
8:20pm Like A Storm

Download Festival 2015 takes place from 12th to 14th June 2015 at Donington Park.

Download Festival links: Website|Facebook|Twitter

View more of Already Heard’s coverage of Download Festival 2015 here.

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