With their debut album, ‘Forget Your Ghosts’ set to be released shortly, rising Peterborough-based quintet Phoenix Calling are set to make their mark with a collection of melodic and refined rock. With an abundance of huge hooks and the occasional sincere moment, ‘Forget Your Ghosts’ sees Phoenix Calling joining a new wave of emerging UK alt rock bands to watch in the coming months.

From listening to ‘Forget Your Ghosts’, it is clear Phoenix Calling have a variety of musical influences but what bands do they consider as their influences? Well thankfully vocalist Steven Chapman was at hand to tell us 5 bands that have influenced Phoenix Calling.

Deaf Havana (‘Fools and Worthless Liars’)
We are privileged to say that we know the band and share the same studio. ‘Fools and Worthless Liars’ represented the breakthrough for them and helped cement their sound. We love the honesty in the lyrics and the way the songs tell the story which is something I have tried to do on ‘Forget Your Ghosts’. Catchy and well-crafted this album is a firm favourite with all of Phoenix Calling.

Manic Street Preachers
So underrated but so talented! From the early punk rock of ’ Motown Junk’ and ‘You Love Us’ to the chart hits of ‘Design for Life’ and ‘Australia’. Thye have acoustic and folk influences and a frontman (James Dean Bradfield) that can play almost anything and hit any note! They’re amazing live with a back catalogue that any band would be proud of. Just stunning and every part of the Manics have influenced us as a band, and me as a guitarist, singer and a song-writer.

Biffy Clyro (‘Only Revolutions’)
Don’t skip a track on the whole album! These guys were almost the first “Brit rock band” that started the genre, and an amazing live band. With twists and different time signatures, there is never a dull moment. A big influence on PC.

Neil Young (‘Harvest’)
Love everything about this record, from the classic songs on it and the way they were recorded, right up to the cover and the inlay. This might have something to do with listening to it on vinyl whilst growing up, but it just seems to have a magical feel about it. Neil’s musical career has spanned decades and this record in particular has influenced many other legendary artists on their musical journey.

Train (‘Drops of Jupiter’)
Picking one Train record is really hard because they seem to have just got better and better over the years. This record though was one of the first that I fell in love with, and Pat (Monahan)’s voice is truly incredible. I’ve only just managed to see the band live, but it was certainly worth the wait and it was easy to see why they have been going strong for so long.

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