It’s that week of the year where half the globe goes wrestling mad in the run up to Wrestlemania. The media hype is in full spin for the showcase of the immortals, and with a writing staff boasting a veritable stable of wrestling fans, Already Heard is no exception. And what better way then celebrating some of the gems of the increasingly fruitful crossover between rock and wrestling. Limp Bizkit and Motörhead are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes bands getting involved with the grapple game. For years bands have been queuing up to record killer themes for some of the WWE’s biggest superstars.

With Against Me! and Less Than Jake both offering to work their magic for up-and-comer Sami Zayn, Frank Turner and Daniel Bryan tweeting about a possible collaboration and WWE diva Paige happily on the arm of A Day To Remember’s Kevin Skaff, there’s some potentially mouth watering themes coming in the future. But for now here’s Already Heard’s five title winning picks from the wrestle-rock universe.

Alter Bridge – Metalingus (Edge)
There isn’t really anyway to compile a must hear group of themes with out starting with Alter Bridge. No song or wrestler in the modern era have been as synonymous with each other as Edge and ‘Metalingus’. Not only did adopting the song coincide closely with Edge becoming one of the very top talents in the business but it also played a key role in making the world take notice of former Creed man Mark Tremonti’s new outfit and gave us all a first real taste of Myles Kennedy’s exceptional talent. With an equally gargantuan chorus and vocal performance Metalingus couldn’t be ignored and oozed star quality. Much like the Rated R Superstar himself. (DW)
Downstait – Here To The Show The World (Dolph Ziggler)
For a band who’s name may not be immediately familiar to even die hard wrestling fans, viewers of wwe programming probably spend more time then they realise listening to their work. Downstait have produced an impressive four different themes for stars including The Miz and Alex Riley. But it’s ‘Here To Show The World’, their second creation for one Dolph Ziggler that has earned them a spot in fives. The theme’s rousing vocal intro basically sums up Ziggler and his MO in one sentence, before a huge guitar breakdown kicks in that hits almost as hard as he bumps. The combination of swagger laden guitar solo’s and boastful yet resolute lyrics set against gritty rhythm guitars and a snarled vocal perfectly encapsulate the man with the most show and substance in sports entertainment. (DW)
Killswitch Engage – This Fire Burns (CM Punk)
When it first debuted the frenetic fury of Killswitch Engage’s ‘This Fire Burns’ was every bit as unusual and head turning in WWE as the man who’s arrival it heralded. And the track still ranks as about the most unapologetically heavy and intense entrance theme the ‘e has ever seen. ‘This Fire Burns’ never failed to pump up a crowd or CM Punk himself sending him exploding through the curtain spitting defiance and pure punk rock attitude. Even now it’s opening moments get the adrenaline instantly flowing, long after said fire went out and the straight edged Chicago native unceremoniously took his proverbial bat and went home. (DW)
Story of the Year – Just Close Your Eyes (Christian)
When any WWE superstar wants to make a return, you need music that is going to make an impact. So back in 2009 when Christian returned after 4 years, St. Louis, Missouri’s Story of the Year offered their services to re-work Captain Charisma’s old theme. The end result is a powerful, alt-rock number that is filled to the rim with energy. With its choppy guitars, soaring vocals and domineering drumwork, ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ has the confidence and energy to match Christian’s persona. (SR)
Mark Crozer – Live In Fear (Bray Wyatt)
Whilst a lot of WWE entrance themes are made to get an instant reaction, there are very few that are captivating as ‘Live In Fear’ (originally titled as ‘Broken Out In Love’) by Mark Crozer. With its soft, swaying guitars, steady tempo and soothing vocals, the track fits right at home in the world of Bray Wyatt. ‘Live In Fear’ compliments his laid back Southern preaching tone and evil cult leader persona to a tee. When it’s combined with Wyatt’s eerie, pitch black entrance you can’t help but become captivated and follow the buzzards. (SR)

What are your favourite WWE themes? Are there any themes we’ve missed from our list? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

Words by Dane Wright (DW) and Sean Reid (SR)

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