Heights have revealed their new album will be called ‘Old Lies For Young Lies’ and will be released on 29th April through Transcend Music.

Vocalist Alex Monty made the following comment about ‘Old Lies For Young Lies’:

“Our album is the first we’ve released with my vocals on it, and naturally is a big departure from (first album) ‘Dead Ends’. The whole album is a sort of journey through our lives, with lyrical content about growing older and the changes in attitude you experience as you come to terms with the world that you live in. Lots of bands don’t really build an album as much as we’ve tried to do with ‘Old Lies’. It’s not just 10 songs that are all singles shoved together on an album, it’s more of a progression that reflects our lives and our experiences.”

1. The Best Years
2. Eleven Eyes (ft Sam Carter)
3. March 1964
4. The Noble Life
5. Windowless
6. In Transit
7. Stray Rats
8. Repeat
9. Wake Up, Fall Asleep
10. Forth / Here

The video for ‘Eleven Eyes’ can be viewed by clicking read more.

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