If you’re familiar with French electro-metal artist/producer The Algorithm, then you’ll know Remi Gallego has an eclectic taste in music. His new album, ‘Brute Force,’ offers a divisive and unhinged mix of metal, EDM, rock, synthwave and more.

From mesmerising synth-led soundscapes to distorted riffs, Gallego and drummer Jean Ferryhas have produced a cohesive but genre-bending record with ‘Brute Force.’

With such diverse range of offer, we asked Remi to give us five songs that influenced him whilst crafting ‘Brute Force.’ It’s no surprise his choices are varied…

Justice – Planisphère

When you consider it as a single 17:40 track, it’s brilliant. And it’s definitely my favorite from them. It inspired me a lot to write ‘Userspace.’

Gojira – The Art Of Dying

I think you can definitely related the intro of ‘Brute Force’ to this track. At least I can, and I know Gojira is always a great source of inspiration.

Igorrr – Nostril

Of course Igorrr does a collaboration on this album, but it was worth still mentioning him again.

Air – Virgin Suicides (OST)

Its influence is not always as obvious as all the previous artists but it’s there. I really enjoy how weird/spooky some of these tracks are, while still being beautiful and melancholic. It’s a strange mixture but it makes me so happy.

Danger – 19h11

It’s been a long time I haven’t listened to Danger, but it has played a crucial role in my evolution as an electronic artist. Almost 9 years later I still have the same goosebumps.

‘Brute Force’ by The Algorithm is out now on FiXT.

The Algorithm links: Website|Store|Facebook|Twitter

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