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Fake News

Based out of Queensland, Australia, Fake News are straight-up melodic punks. Their new EP, ‘Time And Place’, thrives with crunching riffs, soaring hooks, and an abundance of urgency. Tracks like recent single, ‘Radio’ and opening track, ‘Moving On’ epitomise what Fake News are all about; fist-pumping blasts of catchy punk rock in under three minutes.

The core theme of ‘Time and Place’ sees Aussie five-piece examine the highs and lows of modern life. For example, the rip-roaring ‘Rewind’ sees vocalist Tim Russ provide a rallying call to face your fears. Whereas ‘No Weakness is delivered with the same sentiment, serving as a rapid slice of optimism.

Since their formation in 2017, Fake News have shared stages with several major punk rock names including Lagwagon, Pennywise, Darko, and A Wilhelm Scream. Stylistically, Fake News carry their influences on their collective sleeves rather proudly. Well, that’s what we thought until we caught up with the band as they picked out eight releases that have helped shape their musical journey.

MXPX – Slowly Going The Way of The Buffalo

Tim Russ (vocals): I was 13 years old when I first heard this album. I was just breaking into punk music at the time and when I heard this album it changed me forever. The first thing I did was buy a bass guitar and start learning every bass guitar riff of this album.

Strung Out – Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues

Tim Russ:
As I was diving into the punk scene in my early teenage years I stumbled across this album and I was absolutely blown away by the guitar melodies, powerful vocals and fast-paced drums.

Atlas Losing Grip – State of Unrest

Darren Crowe (guitar): This album was introduced to me by Mick (Braszell, guitar) when I met him 6 years ago and we started Fake News. The song structures, chords and riffs are a driving force in our songwriting in this band and that’s something that Atlas Losing Grip have in abundance. It sets a foundation for the punchy vocal delivery the be overlaid. 

Funeral For a Friend – Hours

Darren Crowe: This album has been a staple diet for me for a long time. The tracks cut through each both vocally and instrumentally from start to finish. The record has an “all killer no filler” vibe which is something I’ve always wanted to have in our music. 

No Fun at All – Out of Bounds

Nat MacDonald (drums): So this album was my original introduction to true punk rock, In high school I had it passed to me in tape form from my original bass player in class. Once it hit my ears I never looked back.

Incubus – S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

Nat MacDonald (drums): From the first time I heard Science that blend of funk and rock just hit me, such a modern sound for me at that time of life. The mix of instruments for me is perfect, powerhouse bass, heavy snappy guitar, smooth angelic vocals and Jose (Pasillas)’s drums. A style master, a heavy hitter with grace and flare. The perfect mix of genres for me growing up with such a variety of different music.

Pennywise – Land of The Free?

Mick Braszell (guitar): The first punk song I ever heard was ‘Land of The Free?’ and was hooked by the quick palm mutes and chord changes that tied in tightly with drums like I had never heard before.

Pulley – Time Insensitive Material

Mick Braszell: Melodic catchy, and well-written songs that flow extremely well and get you in a great mood when listening.

‘Time & Place’ EP by Fake News is out now.

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