For a band who have had their ups and their downs, Paramore have finally returned to the UK after being away for three years to perform to a small 600+ sized London crowd. With tickets for the gig selling out in less than two minutes, if you were lucky to get a ticket for tonight’s show you’re definitely a wizard on a keyboard.

With no support band for tonight’s gig it’s all eyes on Paramore, coming onstage to a massive applause the band break into the new song ‘Now’ and the crowd rushes forward and goes crazy singing along. The band play through some of the fan favourites as pop punk guitar riffs come thick and fast in the form of ‘That’s What You Get’, ‘Born For This’ and ‘For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic’. Up next is the Twilight fans’ favourite ‘Decode’ which brings out a more heavier and darker side to the band’s up close and personal set. Of course the band brings out the massive sounding sporadic guitar and drum filled outro which stuns the audience.

Showcasing some songs off the singles club, ‘Renegade’, ‘Monster’ and the slowed down acoustic ‘In The Mourning’ bring some more recently released songs to the set. With ‘Pressure’ being played halfway through the set you can see how happy the band looks onstage. With no room for Jeremy to do his famous “pressure flip” an improvised version of Taylor doing a little jump behind Hayley, it brings some fun to the set.

The band look and sound amazing onstage tonight, fans sing back every single word to the band and make the gig something truly special. Another song that impresses the crowd is ‘Let The Flames Begin’ which brings out some big anthemic guitar sounds; yet another outro rings out with drums and guitars pummelling everyone’s ears as Hayley screams “oh father, oh father, oh father” it shows the intensity the band can bring even in a small venue. Keeping the pace going they play through an oldie and bring the jazz clicking fingers to ‘Fences’ and the positive, happy fuelled song ‘Looking Up’.

One aspect of the set which was a talking point afterwards was Hayley addressing a review printed in an American magazine, stating “no matter what people write whether it’s the truth or not the truth you guys know us the best” which in turn causes the crowd to chant “Paramore, Paramore, Paramore”. This just shows that the relationship the band has with the fans is something truly heart warming and special.

After this personal little speech the band break into the internal friendship filled song ‘Ignorance’ which sends the crowd jumping and keep spirits high. Following up with ‘Brick By Boring Brick’ the crowd jumps and sings along at the top of their voices and bring the set to a triumphant end. Coming back on to a rapturous applause the band change things up and play a slow acoustic rendition of Alt-J’s ‘Matilda’ which sounds haunting in the small venue. The heavily pop sounding ‘Still Into You’ comes in next to bring yet another mass singalong and a more pop vibe to the band’s set. Finishing up the night with of course the catchy ‘Misery Business’ it has the place going crazy, as a fan is pulled out of the crowd to perform onstage the night truly does finish on a massive high.

If anything, tonight shows that the band are back, alot happier and on full form, playing through not only the classic songs but new songs as well, every fan is covered during the set. Addressing issues onstage about the lineup and what the fans mean to them show that Hayley stands by the slogan Paramore is a band” and still care a lot about their fans. And with a new album having just been released and future UK dates on the horizon, Paramore are back.

Words by Aaron Wilson

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