Lockjaw Records have announced plans to release a Swedish punk compilation called ‘Sweden the Deal’ on December 10th.

The 14 track compilation will feature bands such as Kept, Trevolt, Rebuke, From The Tracks, Lapdog, Same Old Story and Broken Aris.

1. Kept – Jehova
2. Kept – Mr. Steroid
3. Trevolt – Själsligt Suicid
4. Trevolt – Artificial Identity
5. Rebuke – A Scene to be Believed
6. Rebuke – Going to Japan and Back
7. From the Tracks – Bring Out Your Dead
8. From the Tracks – Thieves
9. Lapdog – Supernova Light
10. Lapdog – We Don’t Belong
11. Same Old Story – The Norm in January
12. Same Old Story – Devoted & Damned
13. Broken Aris – I, Retard
14. Broken Aris – This is the Last One

‘A Scene to be Believed’ by Rebuke can be streamed by clicking read more.

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