New Woahnows Video (’Puncher’)

Plymouth punk trio Woahnows have released a video for their track ‘Puncher’.

The track is taken from ‘Understanding, And Everything Else’, which was released earlier this year on Big Scary Monsters Records.

Front man Tim Rowing-Parker had this to say about ‘Puncher’:

“The song is about self-frustration. The way you feel when you fall back in to old negative behaviours you’d hoped you’d grown out of. I got frustrated at something stupid like my computer at home, punched myself in the head and then had to jump straight on my bike to sit next to the sea to calm down. That’s where I wrote all the lyrics in one go, before I was calm enough to go back home. I thought I was past that stuff, but every now and then things bubble up and remind you that you’re just not ‘there’ yet.”


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