Portsmouth hardcore band Prolong The Agony have joined In At The Deep End Records. Their first release with the label will come in the form of an EP called ‘All We Are’, and will be released on April 20th. A debut album is expected to follow.

1. Dead Dreams
2. Counting The Days
3. Loved & Lost
4. Backstabbers
5. Loveless

The first track from the EP, ‘Dead Dreams’ can be heard below.

Prolong The Agony frontman Larry Welling passed on the following comment:

“Signing to IATDE is something we truly never expected and it’s humbling to say the least. To join a roster (past and present) that have had such an influential impact on the UK music scene, bands that we have personally grown up listening to, is a real honour and one that we’ll always be grateful for. We have huge respect for the way this label conducts itself and its long lasting reputation speaks for itself!”

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