Resolve Preview New Album with ‘New Colors’


Last month, French metalcore group Resolve shared details of their new album, Human’. Now ahead of its September 15th release, the quartet have released a new single titled ‘New Colors’.

It’s a cinematic, layered slice of metalcore with an emotional call for unity at its lyrical core.

“The four of us in Resolve are starting to be old enough to see with our own eyes how we’re coming towards the end of an era as a species. Earlier this month, the record for the highest-ever global temperature was once again broken,” commented bassist Robin Mariat. “It’s getting obvious that we’re long past the point of no return, so as Anthony is singing in the chorus: if it’s too late for saving our souls, rather fail together than triumph alone. None of us will make it alone in this world. New Colors is our call for unity.”


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