Already Heard Album Premiere: Home Above – Indecision To Move

Based out of the heart of Texas, Home Above look set to leave their mark with their debut full-length, ‘Indecision To Move’. Coming off the back of last year’s ‘If Anything Will’ EP, the quartet have developed a strong local following in recent years. Their resume includes playing alongside names such as Turnover, Hawthorne Heights, and You Me And Everyone We Know, along with performances at SXSW and So What?! Music Festival.

As for ‘Indecision To Move’, it sees Home Above offer 10 slices of adrenaline-fuelled pop-punk that takes its cues from turn of the millennium influences such as Jimmy Eat World and Blink-182. However, lyrically centres round vocalist/bassist Kevin Quintero’s tales of self-discovery, making sacrifices and being motivated to be a better person.

From the angst-filled opener ‘The Start’ to the pounding finale of ‘One Day’, ‘Indecision To Move’ radiates with positivity. Ahead of its release tomorrow, we’re premiering ‘Indecision To Move’ in full.

In addition to offering an exclusive first play of ‘Indecision To Move’, we spoke to frontman Kevin Quintero to find out more about Home Above.

AH: You’re preparing to release your debut album (‘Indecision To Move’). For those who are unfamiliar with your sound, what can they expect from the record?
Kevin Quintero: Well, our music isn’t written to fit inside the box of a “generic pop-punk band”, and we don’t try to force our sound to “be something.” Everything we do we do cause it’s what we want, ya know? So if you are into discovering new things, check us out!

AH: In terms of influences, the album reminds us of circa 2000 pop-punk/pop-rock. Who do you consider your musical influences to be?
Kevin: Oh, this is a fun one! So of course blink-182, Jimmy Eat World, and Weezer; all the greats from that time. During the writing process of this album, I was listening to a lot of the earlier Relient K stuff and Say Anything as well. The guys have their own influences that helped inspire the creative process for this record, and I think us uniting our brains like that made this album sound unique the way it is.

AH: Lyrically, we hear the album is based on “self-discovery and self-motivation”?
Kevin: Yeah, so in between my high school and college transition, I was struggling with some identity issues. I was on my own for the first time and learning to support my self and work 60+ hours a week, along with going to school to get a teaching degree and still support the band. Doing it all at once it was rough. But over time I got older and made sacrifices which helped me see what was really important in life, and for me, it was self-discovery.

I recently got married and my wife has been such a blessing with supporting my dreams and the band. This then led to a motivation in myself. I knew I couldn’t have been the only one going through the same thing after talking about it with the band. The two themes pilot the listener through emotional and relatable moments to enjoy. On the record, I share personal stories from my life.

As a preview, you recently premiered a video for ‘The Start’, which also opens the record. What has the reaction been to the song and video?
Kevin: The reaction to the song has been fun actually. I recently showed a few of my coworkers and they freaked out and got all excited. It honestly feels cool when someone stops you at the movies and complements your video. I’m eager to know how it will be after the release, considering that this is the first track on the record and so far there has been a great reaction.

AH: We have to ask – what’s with the fascination with Rashida Jones?
Kevin: So to be completely honest, I went through a heavy Parks & Rec binge. It was during my freshmen year of college and one day I just took a nap after work, fell asleep and envisioned a perfect summer getaway-esque day with her. When I woke up, I had one of those random melodies that you hear right after you wake up and I just needed to make it a song. But I’m sure Rashida Jones is a very kind and respectable woman and human being, and hope that she digs this song one day, or hate it, whichever would be cool with me.

AH: Besides the release of ‘Indecision To Move’, what else is in the pipeline for Home Above?
Kevin: Currently, we are just focusing more on the PR side of the release for a few months and then we get back to work on writing the next record. During the next few months we will be releasing some cool new merch like hoodies, shirts, etc. for our fans along with planning for a tour in the future, maybe? Once we see how everything goes with the album drop, then we can go forward with planning a few out of state shows. Maybe in a city near you!

‘Indecision To Move’ by Home Above is released on 17th November.

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