Glasgow’s Bar Bloc has released the latest compilation in their
series via their Bloc+Music label.

As always ‘Ensemble Vol​.​2 Part 5’ sees Bloc+Music highlighting some of the best up and coming bands from the Scottish music scene. The latest installment includes songs from Fat Goth, Great Cop, United Fruit and Shambles In A Husk.

1. Garden Of Elks – Yoop
2. Poor Frisco – Change Your Name
3. Poor things – A Drunk Man Considers The Royal Wedding At Kelvingrove Park
4. Seas, Starry – Faint Praise
5. Foreignfox – Quiet At Home
6. Teen Canteen – Vagabond
7. Cherri Fosphate – Wool
8. Black International – The Sky Is Falling In
9. Great Cop – Vacancy
10. United Fruit – Taste I Can’t Give Up
11. Fat Goth – Sin Altar
12. Shambles In A Husk – Cowboy Doom
13. Civil Elegies – The Answer, The Problem
14. Inuit – I’m No Sun Expert

‘Ensemble Vol​.​2 Part 5’ is available as a “pay-what-you-want” download on Bandcamp and can be streamed below.

Ensemble Vol.2 Part 5 by BLOC+

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