Belfast quartet A Plastic Rose have released their new album, ‘Flickering Light Of An Inner War’ however unlike most bands, it has been released exclusively through Spotify.

The album can be heard here and is being streamed on the service three months ahead of its official release.

The album is available to pre-order on vinyl through Pledge Music. By ordering your copy of the album here, you’ll gain access to exclusive bonus content, video clips and much more.

A Plastic Rose vocalist/guitarist Gerry Norman explained the bands decision to release the album on Spotify:

“As everyone knows the music industry is in a very strange place and nobody really knows what to do or where to go. The Spotify debate is one that we’ve been keeping a close eye on recently and there’s a lot of negative vibes towards it but one fact is that fifty million people use Spotify so it’s the best place to have your music. We decided to do something that, to our knowledge, hasn’t been done before and to make the album available on Spotify 3 months before the release. To make it a bit more exciting we didn’t want to give any warning, just tell people as soon as it was available so they can listen to it way before they were expecting. When you purchase an album on a digital retail site you are giving the band a set amount of cash but with streaming on sites like Spotify you are giving the band a little every single time you play it and that all adds up. If you want to have a physical copy then you can buy our amazing 12” gatefold double record with red and blue coloured vinyl.

If you don’t have a record player you can listen to our new record on Spotify. We’re still at a stage where we are a small band trying to build a fan base and unlike some massive selling artists we’re not in a situation where we can ignore Spotify, not that we would want to! In fact we feel we must embrace it and hope that people will actually stream the record and then maybe pay to download the album when it is released, OR (and this is the best way to support us) come see us play next time we tour. Think of it as a ‘try before you buy.

The title ‘Flickering Light Of An Inner War’ refers to what this album means to us and what we have all been through in order to make it happen. We are a band who work our asses off consistently and have been for over 8 years now and with that you get a lot of tough times. The 4 of us are like a family and like any family we go through hard times together which brings inner wars, fights, tears, hugs, kisses and make ups. We have had our fair share of ups and downs and shown extreme dedication over the years which have affected our personal lives dramatically. If it wasn’t for our love of and sheer belief in the music we create I think we would have broken up a long time ago. This album is the flickering light that remains after the wars we have been through. A flicker of hope is all we’ve ever needed.“

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