Derby ambient rockers A World Defined have set a release date of March 24th for their forthcoming mini-album ‘In Absence’.

Guitarist Alex Sumner made the following comment about the release:

“For every single one of us, this is the most important thing we have ever done. We want everyone who hears about us, reads about us or sees us even once to listen to this release. This release has a lot of personality, and a ridiculous amount of work went into it. We honestly think it will everyone will be able to appreciate it; it will make an impression.”

“Before the writing of ‘In Absence’ we were at sea over where we were as a group, and how we wanted to move forward. Music is expression, and this release is our statement of clarity. We have really come together and we have never felt better than we do now. We want this to be the start of something big!”

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