Album Review: Bleed From Within – Uprising


Scotland’s Bleed From Within already has a handful of albums under their belt, and this metal band’s newest release ‘Uprising’ is a perfect example of the intensity you want out of metal with the added bonus of expertly balanced tracks and fiercely played instruments. 

Beginning with ‘III’, an intro that eases you into an incredibly powerful album and bleeds right into the next track, ‘Colony.’ This track sets the tone for the album. It has a huge sound with multiple rhythms and layers of sounds, and somehow they manage to create melody without melodic clean vocalists.

The band actually works together to create melodic moments. From the screamers using rhythm and the guitars using intricate riffs, there are hooks everywhere. ‘Colony,’ Nothing No One Nowhere,’ and ‘Strive’ are great examples of this ability.

This melody is compounded with the balance Bleed From Within has created. Nothing is highlighted outright. It isn’t about the vocals or the guitars; it is about how everything comes together. It is present on every track, and makes the whole album very consistent. ‘I Am Oblivion’ and ‘Devotion’ bring in moments of calm that break up the unrelenting pace of this album.

And it really is unrelenting. From the moment it starts, this band is in your face with everything they have. ‘Escape Yourself’ is frantic and anxious and crazy fast, ‘Uprising’ brings a ferocious intensity that doesn’t quit.

On top of all of this is the weight to this album. Tracks like ‘Our Divide’ bring forward the substance in ‘Uprising,’ with lyrics that are thought provoking and meaningful, and this is on top of the intricate rhythms and riffs and epic sound. Each song sticks to your ribs like a proper English breakfast. They can stand alone but they all come together into a huge explosion of noise that somehow works.

‘Uprising’ is an all-around solid metal album. The screams are different enough on each track to keep the album from becoming boring. The drums are lighting quick, and the guitars are incredibly intricate. Bleed From Within really knows what they are doing and this album proves their worth in this genre.


‘Uprising’ by Bleed From Within is out now on Century Media.

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Word by Jenny Gagas (@Jenny_herself)


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