Album Review: Escape the Fate – Hate Me

Escape the Fate – Hate Me
Self-explanatory, Escape the Fate turn to caustic fury throughout the monumental ‘Hate Me’.

A concrete concept of hatred and livid rage hasn’t emerged from the Vegas outfit this vividly in many years, and as a consequence ‘Hate Me’ is a breath of fresh red-misted air. With extravagant production to emphasise every atom of wrath, once again Escape the Fate have proved their worth ahead of a storming UK headlining tour.

The deceptively calm opening soon booms into Thrasher’s signature chaos for ‘Just a Memory’, presenting frontman Craig Mabbitt’s vocals as punishingly versatile as ever before. Atmospheric and brutal from the onset, ‘Hate Me’ heralds a new Escape the Fate that chooses to set forgiveness aside and snap that, “I’m coming for you and I’m out for blood.” Toweringly defiant in its aims of revenge also, ‘Live for Today’ stands tall alongside the confidence of ‘Remember Every Scar’, demonstrative in its powerful tones throughout.

“The world’s not out of focus, it’s just what you’ve become,” scathes ‘Breaking Me Down’, a solemn reflection accompanied by an as ever captivating solo and beautiful instrumental atmosphere. Before long, however, the incendiary ‘Get Up, Get Out’ spits vitriol to crank the pace up once again, never ones for leaving the tone on the down-low for too long.

An appropriately venomous attack of the state of the world today, their trademark combination of distorted high notes and showcase of Mabbitt’s iconic vocal range, ‘Les Enfants Terribles’ carries its message on its shoulders, confident in its aim to expose the need for social change. Similarly, the true sentiment of hatred pours throughout the unbridled bitter exchange of ‘Alive’, heavier than we’ve ever heard them before, demonstrating that as always, they will never go down without a fight. Testing further uncharted waters for them, ‘I Won’t Break’ shares its proto-metalcore infusions with the title track, adding to its self-assured ethos intensified with voluminous backing vocals and techy openings.

If there was any doubt that ‘Hate Me’ was anywhere near as heartfelt as last release ‘Ungrateful’, the acoustic heartstrings of ‘Let Me Be’ draw the album to a close on a highlight, well-rounded by Thrasher’s sincere electric efforts with echoes of ‘Picture Perfect’. While any ETF record wouldn’t be complete without a gut-wrenching lament, ‘Let Me Be’ blows previous attempts out of the water single-handedly.

In its acerbic sentiment, ‘Hate Me’ ticks all the boxes, assuring every Escape the Fate record has led to this, depicting their years of experience have produced an all-round phenomenal fifth full-length – hatred never looked this good.


’Hate Me’ by Escape the Fate is released on 30th October on Eleven Seven Music.

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Words by Ali Cooper (@AliZombie_)


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