Album Review: Old Soul – Tidal Lock


Returning with their third studio album ‘Tidal Lock,‘ Old Soul is not the type to follow the rules. Most would describe a studio album as an average of 10 tracks consisting of around 3 and a half minutes; but not Old Soul. Instead, ‘Tidal Lock’ consists of 4 tracks of which each lasts around the 10 minute bracket. Does this work successfully? I’m not entirely convinced.

The band’s atmospheric and haunted presence oozes throughout the record, transitioning regularly from dark, screamo rock into a softer, dream-like ambience. Tried and tested before, this is a combination that blends together nicely; if they’re mixed in the right proportions. Old Soul is yet to discover this combination in some sections of ‘Tidal Lock’, particularly in ‘Watermouth Mirage’ where the dream-like, wishy washy ambience gets a little bit too much. The track is then saved by the movement into a greater, yet still subtle energy with raw, screamed vocals. The haunted atmosphere remains, yet the track gains so much more character.

Thinking outside the box is always one of the great ways to get your foot in the door, especially in such a highly competitive industry; so having 4 extra long tracks making up an album is one way to do it. In no shape or form is Old Soul’s musical ability flawed because it’s clear that the talent is there; it’s just the concept of the album itself for me personally is slightly daunting. ‘Tidal Lock’ is an interesting record, one that’s intriguing. Judge it yourself and check it out, you might like it! I just get too lost within the tracks and I can’t get hooked; however if you love your ambient rock then this could be the record for you.


Tidal Lock’ by Old Soul is out now on Dog Knights Productions.

Old Soul links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Words by Hannah Gillicker (@HannahGillicker)


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