Album Review: Single Mothers – Single Mothers EP

Pardon my French, but this EP is fucking loud. And I mean that in the most literal sense possible. Not metaphorically as in like ‘oh man, there’s so much going on in this song, listen’ or like ‘wow, I turned it up and now it’s really loud! Woah man!’ I mean seriously, they’ve recorded it too loud and you can hear it. Usually we’re used to all this crisp and polished production but this EP has been purposely recorded too loud. You can hear it peaking and distorting all over the show. Basically, it’s fucking awesome!

It’s this unique choice of production that really helps it stand out and it really does bring out this inevitable likelihood that the band play really fucking loud live and they give it their all. Don’t get me wrong, these songs are good without this production. My friend described them to me as ‘Touché Amoré meets The Bronx’ and I don’t think I could have put it much better myself. Well, maybe we could change it slightly to Touché Amoré and The Bronx having drinks together then getting in a street brawl in LA with some young whippersnapper gang’ or something.

The band itself is on Jeremy Bolm of Touché Amoré fame’s label, so you could probably understand the similarity of music and ethos pouring from every orifice of this EP. Ok, so not all the songs are as upbeat as you may expect them to be due to the comparison I made with The Bronx and some more upbeat songs would be good, but I’m still pretty sure that in a live setting, all of these songs will rip your face and clothes clean off until you’re standing in the middle of the gig venue dripping with sweat and taking in this monstrosity of energy and passion into your every pore. And yeah, that’s a good thing.

Check out this EP before this band explode everywhere. That could be quite literally with the intensity of this EP as it’s awesome.


‘Single Mothers’ by Single Mothers is out now on Secret Voice Records.

Single Mothers links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Michael Brown.


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