Album Review: Storm The Sky – Sin Will Find You

Melbourne quintet Storm The Sky’s frontman William Jarratt describes their second album as a medium to address bleak topics that people are “quick to dismiss or demonise.” In doing so, the comforting, melancholic blue of the artwork completes the image of “finding solace in the fact that you’re not alone with your sin, and there are support networks out there to help you through it.”

On ‘Sin Will Find You’, Storm The Sky offer ten songs that showcase the band’s moodier and more contemplative songwriting which sounds fresh at first, but ultimately proves to be the biggest weakness throughout the release. ‘Second Best’ opens the album in confusing fashion, as the song is much more of a mood-setting piece instead of a raucous album opener many might expect. ‘Medicine’, ‘Wake Up Sleeping’, and ‘In Vein’ carry on the slower pace of the album by sticking with mid-tempo beats, hazy guitar work and rather uninteresting melodies. ‘Disappointed’ finds a relatable tone that opts to aimlessly float along before eventually running out of steam.

Storm The Sky are at their best, however, when they are at their most dynamic. For instance, ‘Jaded Ghost’ slithers back and forth between sinister verses and an explosive chorus complete with William Jarratt’s strained screams. ‘Lilac’ begins in an introspective, hushed manner before the song eventually builds and builds, ultimately flourishing into a massive crescendo featuring the refrain, “All I ever wanted was the world at my feet.” Finally, album closer ‘Burning’ slowly burns out of the gates before Andy Szetho, Lachlan Avis, and Benny Craib slam their guitars and bass, crafting massive and almost doomy sounding chords as Jarratt cracks his voice one last time. ‘Burning’ captures the band at their dramatic best here; exemplifying how captivating their music can be when interjecting a little chaos in the middle of their mid-tempo musing.

Ultimately, ‘Sin Will Find You’ is not a bad record. Scattered amongst the slower, reflective tracks are more unpredictable, dynamic songs that find Storm The Sky at their most entertaining. However, they are in the middle of an identity crisis, that is undeniable. If Storm The Sky can combine their livelier songwriting with their moodier approach in a more cohesive and consistent fashion, the band should have very promising material to deliver with a third album.


‘Sin Will Find You’ by Storm The Sky is released on August 5th on UNFD / Rise Records.

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Words By Josh Velliquette.


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