Album Review: Thousand Oaks – Monsters Begetting Monsters

As soon as the phoenix bursts into flames, a new one will rise from the ashes, as they always say. Turns out that statement doesn’t just work with legendary birds, but also bands. After 14 years of loyal service as Jet Market, the members set themselves alight and kick-started their rebirth as Thousand Oaks. With a new lease of life and a debut album in the form of ‘Monsters Begetting Monsters’, this Rome quartet are looking to build another long successful legacy.

Channeling the pace and bite of A Wilhelm Scream alongside the infectiousness of household names such as Propaghandi and NOFX, ‘Monsters Begetting Monsters’ pulls you in instantly and doesn’t let up until you are well and truly exhausted and drained. ‘Reap The Whirlwind’ lives up to its name and flies by with circle pit-inciting crunch, while ‘Being The Chain Breaker’ pummels with fret-tapping bedlam and shirt-ripping aggression. The blink-and-miss-it stabs of ‘Poison Coated Empty Jar’ and ‘Dredged Up Resemblance’ also make for some rip-roaring highlights.

The only thing that really lets ’Monster Begetting Monsters’ down is its total length. With such a flurry of jumpy beats and hearty riffs, by the time the good vibes of the title track and the rousing finale of ‘Nowhere To Hide’ rolls round, attention span is wearing thin and everything feels a little jaded and lost. In small sharp doses Thousand Oaks are volatile, but in one big chunk it’s all a little bit too much of a muchness.

Overall ‘Monsters Begetting Monsters’ is a high-octane chunk of fun punk rock that will hold something for old and new fans alike. With a ripe mix of classic punk ideals with modern day energy and flair, Thousand Oaks have all the makings of becoming a household name in the underground if they play their cards carefully. Only time will tell though.


‘Monsters Begetting Monsters’ by Thousand Oaks is out now on Disconnect Disconnect Records.

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Words by Jack Rogers (@JackMRog)


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