imageIt’s always worth keeping an eye on local scenes. There’s bound to be a fair amount of dross to sift through, but every so often, there’s an absolute gem to be unearthed. Hull’s Three Day Millionaires are one such gem, sounding like the unruly offspring of Cancer Bats and early Funeral For A Friend that has been put into care with Refused. Even from that tenuous description, it should be obvious that this lot are pretty bloody good.

At this incredibly early stage in their career, introduction is TDM’s prerogative, and this self-titled EP does a brilliant job of just that. Opener ‘Behind These Eyes’ is an incendiary slice of post-hardcore fury, and the following five tracks never let up either – ‘Bridges’ is ludicrously catchy (as well as resembling the currently AWOL Rat Attack), while ‘Dangers Of Milling’ is an exemplary showcase of frontman Danny Harrison’s throat-shredding screams.

Behind These Eyes by Three Day Millionaires

While they might not possess the most original sound ever (and it does feel like they begin to recycle a few ideas before long), Three Day Millionaires have managed to strike gold early on with this EP. They display a level of professionalism and technical skill far beyond their young band age, and that’s something that should do them a world of good in the future. Don’t sleep on this lot for too long.


‘Three Day Millionaires’ EP by Three Day Millionaires is released on 24th July on Warren Records.

Three Day Millionaires links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp

Words by Luke Nuttall(@nuttall_luke)

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