Already Heard Album Premiere: Luke Rainsford – I Feel at Home With You

This Friday, Wolverhampton native Luke Rainsford releases his second full-length record ‘I Feel at Home With You’. However, we are premiering the record in full ahead of its release on Scylla Records. The album sees Luke develop as a songwriter and musician as he incorporates a fuller sound and a more connected set of songs.

“I think it’s a record that delves into my personality and mindset in a way that I’ve never explored before. I wanted this record to be a reflection of myself in musical form,” explains Luke. “I also feel like I’ve produced an album that is more a cohesive piece of work, rather than just a collection of songs. Every song on this record it on there for a reason, and the order that it is in is designed in a particular ebb and flow. I don’t really like the term "concept album”, but I tried to tie in specific themes, and even musical ideas throughout the whole album.“

Lyrically, the record sees Rainsford mature as he provides a set of extremely honest songs allowing himself to be as open as he could possibly be. "I delved into topics I still don’t feel 100% comfortable talking about, but it’s all things I felt needed to be talked about more. I tried to make every single lyric extremely personal to me, more so than ever before. There isn’t a single line or word on this record that doesn’t mean the world to me. Even some of the more "typical” lines are still based around really specific scenarios, and the songs are so so important to me.“

At its core, ‘I Feel at Home With You’ revolves around love, heartbreak, and mental health issues adding complex edge to the light-hearted instrumentation on offer. Luke tells us the record "also deals with more taboo subjects, such as self harm, suicidal thoughts and self hate.”

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‘I Feel at Home With You’ by Luke Rainsford is released on 17th February Scylla Records.

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