Already Heard EP Premiere: Delayed Departure – Consequences EP

Next Friday (January 22nd) Hampshire quintet Delayed Departure are set to release their new EP – ‘Consequences’. Today Already Heard has the exclusive first play of the entire EP.

Drenched in a wave of solid melodies and driving guitar harmonies, ‘Consequences’ sees Delayed Departure throwing their hat into the tricky British alt rock ring with plenty of confidence. Add to that metallic riffs, emotive vocals and compelling hooks and you’re left with a very promising UK outfit.

Take a listen to the EP below and read the track-by-track breakdown of ‘Consequences’ from the band themselves.

1. Opus
As this track opens and presents the theme and mood of this EP we saw it as a fitting track to show our gradual maturity from our first EP and the experimentation within this transition. It was created in order to give the listener a profound rush of energy similar to the emotions and feelings we felt when these new tracks started to take shape and come to life. The difference in dynamics shows our emotional state, as the start features an isolated, overdriven guitar, reflecting a period of lack of inspiration which drains into a high intensity combination of drums, bass, guitar and vocals showing a period of motivation and high spirits.

2. Ocean
Being the single off the EP, we felt that this track had to represent our main message of not feeling alone in times where you may have made or taken a risky decision, and suffered some form of repercussion as a result. Lyrically it is centred around the notion of feeling somewhat lost in life, as entering adulthood and maturing as a band had led to us feeling a bit lost and at times straying off course to what direction we wanted to head in both musically and within our personal lives. This song we feel is the thoughts and feelings numerous young adults go through when thrown into the world of work and especially for young musicians being thrown into such a harsh and competitive industry and the choices we make as individuals. You could describe this song as easy listening, we find that the simplistic instrumentation and melody line hopefully give it a certain memorable catchiness.

3. Let’s Catch Fire
As it follows on from ‘Ocean’ this song is about the self motivation an individual needs in order to get past certain obstacles which may be blocking someone from the success they desire. It’s essentially a message to the listener to take their ideas to new heights, to try new things and once you’re at that certain point where you feel most content and satisfied, teaching and guiding others who were in your situation to flourish and feel motivated. The song has a ‘bouncy’ vibe to it, we wanted it to be fast paced and full of energy, a song that would really engage the audience and give listeners something to dance and move to.

4. Captive
This track stands alone as being different to the other songs, it’s mellow and moody, atmospheric if you like and was created to really emphasise the main message of the song. This was done by, again, not overcomplicating certain elements instrumentally in order to highlight the vocals and make them the key focal point. The meaning is centred around the subject of depression, in wake of the late and great comedian Robin Williams’ death, it describes how cynical the world can be on individuals and how hard it is to truly diagnose the cause of the depression, and how many people carry a brave face in order to mask how they truly feel.

5. Synopsis
Synopsis is about the struggle of being too attentive to everything in life, it’s about working tirelessly on work and projects and seeing others get to where you want to be with minimal effort or a care free attitude. Perhaps times where you aren’t chosen first, or someone feels another person is more ‘suited to the role’, it is the anger that you may carry inside when feeling second best or the feelings you get when you should have engaged or applied yourself more. It has quite an unintentional pirate-esque theme to it which gives the song it’s energetic feeling and bouncy nature, and the bridge within the song, even though quite simple, was possibly the hardest element to write of any song we have ever created. We must have had over 5 variations of this section, and finally wrote something that we hope will get the crowd off their feet.

6. Choices
This track in particular was extensively worked on in order to produce an epic concluding climactic track to really push forward the message and title of the EP ‘Consequences’. Lyrically it explains our vocalist’s recent struggles with a heart condition and his willingness and motivation to overcome dominating feelings of tiredness and a lack of ambition. With pumping drums, aggressive guitar rhythms and strong gang vocals we aimed to reflect these contrasting feelings of an almost surreal experience coupled with anger which ends in an overriding feeling of uncertain jubilation and enlightenment.

‘Consequences’ EP by Delayed Departure is released on January 22nd.

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