EP Premiere: Evertim – Your Heaven Held Me Well EP

Based out of the ever-thriving musical hub of Brighton, Evertim emotionally put it all out on the line with their second EP – ‘Your Heaven Held Me Well’. On songs such as ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘Clouds’, vocalist/guitarist Alex Tuck sings of damaged relationships and appreciating time spent with friends and family. When combined with their brand of emotionally-fuelled pop-punk, Evertim have created a snapshot of young adulthood with growing maturity.

Ahead of its release this Friday on Fox Records, Already Heard has teamed up with Evertim to give you an exclusive first listen of ‘Your Heaven Held Me Well’. We also asked vocalist/guitarist Alex Tuck to give us a track-by-track breakdown of the EP.

Let Me Go

This song lyrically is about the moment a relationship ended for me, and every thought that raced through my head as it did. I had the chorus melody stuck in my head for a few years before I actually managed to put it into a song, which turned out to be verging on post-hardcore by the time we had finished recording it!

This song has been really fun to play live recently, and it even has a rare Evertim guitar solo so I can pretend I’m good at guitar.


About 18 months ago, me and my ex moved into her friend’s family home for a few months. They were lovely people but during that time, I fell deep into depression and it was around this time me and my ex knew it was about to end for us.

I actually wrote the music for this song whilst living there one day when trying not to waste away watching Netflix. The favourite part of this song to play live is the instrumental section near the end. Me and Ben (Foxhall) are both playing lead guitar parts and we’ve got a crap tonne of FX on. It sounds magical if anything!

The Road We Claim Our Own

This song is about touring in this band. Originally this was about our first tour two years ago, where we played Brighton and Southampton twice each, but now feels more relevant to our last weekender with Lightblue back last September.

Any band whose been on the road will hopefully relate, plus the amazing Luke Rainsford pops up in the bridge on guest vocals. We’re delighted he could come in and sing on this record.

Also, Ben wrote the music for this one. Initially, we had a much longer intro but once we cut that, the whole song felt so complete.


By far my favourite song on the EP. I was really high when I wrote this. The lyrics were written a lot later, and are about my life in 2017. I secured a job in the capital but lived in South East Kent and had to commute, my best friends lived in Reading and the band is based in Brighton. So I spent a lot of last year stretched! This song is about going to any one of these places and feeling at home with friends or family, and feeling I can take on the world again.

It’s by far the most uplifting song we’ve put out so far, and at five and a half minutes it’s a lengthy slab of emotion. I’m really looking forward to playing this live.

‘Your Heaven Held Me Well’ EP by Evertim is released on 19th Janaury on Fox Records.

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