Already Heard EP Premiere: Statutes / Castaway – Split EP

One thing we always take pride in here at Already Heard is help support emerging talent especially those based in the UK. That is exactly what we’re doing with todays EP premiere.

Statutes and Castaway are two rising bands hailing from the East Midlands and next week they will be unleashing a six-track split EP. The former are a melodic hardcore group with comparisons to Touché Amoré and Pianos Become The Teeth whilst the latter take a more emo/grunge approach that is reminscent of Basement albeit more aggressive. When combined Statutes and Castaway show plenty of promise making this EP a worthwhile release.

We’ve got a full stream of the EP as well as a full track-by-track guide to the EP below.

The EP was recored with Ian Boult (Basement, xRepentancex) at Nottingham’s Stuck on a Name Studios. Whilst Bob Cooper (Citizen, Nai Harvest, Self Defence Family) mastered the EP.

The split EP is set to be released next Monday (May 25th) and will receive a limited cassette release through Sad Panda Records (UK) and Hellur Records (US).

Statutes and Castaway will also be playing an EP release show at The Intake, Mansfield on Friday May 22nd. Support comes Merrick’s Tusk, Youf, Carcosa and Autumn Diet Plans. Entry is £1 and further details can be found here.

Statutes – Words by Rich Herrick

Good Luck Spycatcher
‘Good Luck Spycatcher’ aas influenced by the premise of the right of free speech and thought whilst acknowledging and respecting others views; the lyrics concentrate more specifically on the reverse and peoples lack of understanding or willingness to look beyond their own opinion. The title was influenced and taken from the 1987 Peter Wright publication Spycatcher which sparked major controversy upon its release and brought the topic freedom of speech to for front of public interest and national security.

The progression of the song is in keeping with the lyrical content at hand, the song is essentially a build-up to the climax and end, which I thought was a befitting testament to the ideas mentioned. People want to shape others into something they feel comfortable with and understand rather than embracing people’s individualities, thinking that their ideas in some way will help come the end, when essentially we are going to finish in the same place just at different times and in different ways.

Incoherent Bond
‘Incoherent Bond’ is generally about perception in relationships and developing that understanding that enables a relationship to build and grow stronger. It may be that someone body doesn’t understand why they deserve someone’s love and to care about them through lack of worth they feel or accepting that people are different and their actions are not a direct reflection of your own. There is no conclusion to the song in that ending is somewhat open ended like relationships; either the participants will figure each other out or they won’t only time can tell.

Character Assassin
‘Character Assassin’ is about gaining questioning past relationships and gaining perspective. Although most of the lyrical content is specific in nature to past experiences, I try and leave room for interpretation so people can take their own experiences and relate with the song. Throughout life friendships that people thought were infallible will for one reason or another come to an end. The premise of the song is essentially questioning the cause to the downfall.

Castaway – Words by Jason Coy


So this track is based on a Ex as all good songs are! I think people will be able to relate to this track the most because we have all been there, it’s the anticipation of a break up knowing it’s comin.g

My favourite line of the song is “I’m a sucker for some pretty eyes, tell me you love me and I’ll believe all your lies”. This how I saw the relationship looking back! But people can relate to not being the one.

This song has nothing to do with milk! But it raw, It’s angry, it’s about the dark side on the human behaviour, its a punch to the face! Not much else to say! Go Cows!

June 15th
This is my proudest moment in being a songwriter! I have come from an
abusive home so I’ve grown up with violence and domestic abuse in my life. This song reflects that. My greatest fear is becoming my dad even though I’ve not seen him for about 15 years, but the damage he caused stays with me everyday. I will never forget the day I saw my mum after he had beaten her to a bloody pulp. She had broken bones; her face was swollen and still covered in blood. I put my heart and emotion into that song to the point by then I’ve had tears in my eyes. But you take something bad and make it positive.

‘Split’ EP by Statutes / Castaway is released on Monday May 25th.

Statutes links: Facebook|Bandcamp

Castaway links: Facebook|Bandcamp

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