Already Heard EP Premiere: The Run Up – Scared of Everything

Here at Already Heard, we always like supporting promising UK talent, especially when they’re doing something for a good cause.

Today Bristol melodic punk group The Run Up release their second EP, ‘Scared of Everything’, through Paper + Plastick. To make the release extra special, the band and label are donating all proceeds from the EP to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Northern France.

The Run Up are working with numerous charities and organisations to obtain needed items for people suffering from the crisis. The band will personally handover the much needed items in early 2016.

To highlight The Run Up’s cause, we are thrilled to be premiering ‘Scared of Everything’ in full. We also grabbed a quick word with the band to find out more about them and their future plans.

AH: Introduce us to The Run Up?

Daniel (Bass): We’re five friends who play punk rock from Bristol/Birmingham, consisting of Larry (vocals), Rob (drums), Mark (guitar), Nick (guitar) and myself, Daniel (Bass). Me and Nick started the band after Nick replied to an ad I’d posted online, without realising we were old neighbors that hadn’t seen each other for 10 years! We were then joined by Larry and Rob, and finally Mark, who I was in a band with previously.

We’ve all been in various bands over the years and bring a whole host of different influences into our music – I guess the most immediate influences present in our sound comes from our love of catchy & passionate punk rock; bands like Latterman, Hot Water Music, Leatherface, Down in the Dumps…the list goes on.

AH: You have allowed us to stream the EP exclusively in full but you recently released the stream/video for ‘Feels Like Yesterday’ and your track ‘Lately’ featured on our compilation, released jointly with Paper + Plastick. Since some of the EP has already been leaked (for want of a better phrase), how’s the reception been the EP thus far?

Nick (guitar): Thanks for hosting us! The reaction so far has been awesome, with really positive feedback from friends, peers and also the first few reviews, and that has been incredibly rewarding. This EP is something that we’re really proud of, and like our previous record it’s something we’ve produced and recorded ourselves.

AH: Are there any common lyrical themes running through the EP?
Larry (vocals): Not so much. These songs were written over a fairly long stretch of time and cover a whole range of thoughts and experiences from that time and before. Hopefully they reflect some of the questions I constantly ask myself on the human condition. I love hearing people’s life stories and trying to find out what makes them get out of bed on another grey Monday morning.

AH: What’s new in 2016 for The Run Up?
Rob (Drums): As you know the 100% of the proceeds from the EP are being used to assist the crisis in Northern France. We’re looking forward to raising as much as possible and playing our small role in that effort. Hopefully this will inspire other acts of kindness (either locally or wider) and we’ll continue to get opportunities (beyond those that our in our everyday lifes).

Solely looking at the band, hopefully we’ll be exposed to more shows and more positive experiences.

‘Scared of Everything’ by The Run Up is available now through Paper + Plastick.

The Run Up links: Facebook|Bandcamp

21 Red Lion, Bristol
26 Free For All Festival, Mother’s Ruin, Bristol
12 TBC, Bristol w/ Harker

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