Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee On My Honor are the latest bright pop-punk hopefuls out to make a name for themselves. Influenced by the likes of Jimmy Eat World, The Movielife and Drive-Thru Records of the early 2000’s, On My Honor bring an organic sound to the pop-punk genre with a mix of anthemic numbers and sincere lyrics. As a result of this their latest release; ‘Nature & Nurture’ has been welcomed with open arms by numerous websites and fans alike.

So far 2012 has been good to the band with a successful UK and European tour under their belt followed by a US tour with Major League and The Tired and True.

Already Heard caught up with Lucas from On My Honor to find out more about the band. Lucas discuss the bands influences, the recent vinyl release of ‘Nature and Nuture,’ their UK deal with Hang Tight Records and more.

Already Heard: Could you introduce yourself and your role in On My Honor?
Lucas: I’m Lucas. My role is to play guitar, write songs, and be stressed out all the time.

AH: Your latest release is ‘Nature & Nurture.’ How would you describe the EP for new fans?
Lucas: I would say its a really organic natural record and that if you’re a fan of pop-punk that talks about something other than breaking up with your girlrfriend, you will probably dig the record. I would also say that musically it’s a well thought out record. There are a lot of things in terms of guitar parts, bass lines etc that aren’t typical of pop-punk.

AH: What pop-punk bands would you compare your sound too?
Lucas: We’re all pretty influenced by early Drive-Thru Records era bands. We love bands like The Starting Line, Hidden in Plainview, The Movielife, Jimmy Eat World etc. I wouldn’t say we sound like them, but the influence is definitely there.

AH: If there is one sound that best represents your style, what would it be?
Lucas: Sizzle! Whack! Pow!

AH: Why should fans give On My Honor a chance compared to other pop-punk bands?
Lucas: I think with people like us that like the kind of music we do it’s as much of a lifestyle as it is anything. If you love something, you should do your part to support it, grow it, and make it stronger. I feel like if you’re a person that claims to be a part of a scene, you should always be willing to give any band a shot.

There’s nothing to really lose and if it grabs you or means something to you then that’s great. If it doesn’t that’s fine too, go find something that you can relate to.. I don’t feel like we have to fight to get attention from other bands that are doing the same things we are, there’s room for everyone.

AH: In the UK you’ve signed with Hang Tight Records. How did you join up with that label
Lucas: We heard about the label through some mutual friends. I sent Joe (Hurst) a press kit and we started talking and it just felt right. We’re really excited to work with Hang Tight.

AH: ‘Nature & Nurture’ has received positive responses from various websites and blogs. How important is it for a band like On My Honor to have this kind of support?
Lucas: It means the world to us when people say they listened to the record and they enjoyed it. Its like someone telling you your kid is cute.

AH: You recently re-released the record on vinyl with some new songs. What can you tell us about these songs?
Lucas: We recorded three acoustic versions of “Nature & Nurture” songs for the B-Side. We recorded them ourselves in our bedroom and we’re really happy with how they turned out. I hope people enjoy hearing a different take on the songs.

AH: Could you tell us about the Knoxville music scene and are there any particular bands we should be on the look out for?
Lucas: The Knoxville music scene is incredible. We just did a hometown show on Friday that had almost 500 people attending. A lot of people wanna act like the scene’s dead or whatever, but the truth is if you get and do the work, Knoxville is super supportive. As far as bands, our Little Heart Records label mates Your Favorite Hero are an awesome band. Check them out!

‘Nature and Nurture’ by On My Honor is available now on Hang Tight Records (UK) and Little Heart Records (US).

On My Honor links: Official Website|Facebook|Twitter

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