Based out of Bridewater, Surrey, Out For Tomorrow are a alt-rock five-piece who formed in 2009. Since then the band have shared the stage with Lower Than Atlantis, Deaf Havana, Futures and Devil Sold His Soul, which has resulted in the band toning their craft and become a highly promising, strong through and through rock band. 

Their latest EP, ‘World on Your Side’ is filled with steller riffs and soaring harmonies with tracks such as ‘Green Eyed (Nous Tous Savions)’ and ‘Young and Foolish’ being fine examples of this, with the latter set to be released as a single in March. 

The bands résumé also includes regular airplay on Scuzz TV, as well as working with acclaimed UK producer Matt O’Grady, known for his work with You Me At Six, Deaf Havana and several UK bands.

With a promising future ahead, Already Heard caught up with Out For Tomorrow to discuss their influences, working with Matt O’Grady, the Bridgewater music scene and more.

Already Heard: To begin with could you tell us who you are and your role in Out For Tomorrow?
Out For Tomorrow: Ben Lumber: vocalist Ben Havercroft: drummer Lee McGarrel: bass Jack Isaacs: guitar Ash Scott: guitar

AH: For those who are unfamiliar with the band, how would you describe your sound?
Ben H: I’d say we’re quite easy listening!
Ben L: Yeah I think the first listen catches on with fans.

AH: Who would you compare your sound to?
Ben H: I’d say we’re influenced by U2, Deaf Havana, You Me At Six, Paramore, The Cure, Lower Than Atlantis those kind of bands.
Ben L: Actually Ben I disagree we have the melodic sound of Amure with the rock and roll feel of Culture Club.

AH: Last year you released an EP titled ‘World on Your Side.’ How did the EP come together and how has the response been to the EP?
Ben H: The EP has gone down incredibly well! The response from new fans has been really positive. We can’t wait to get the next record out.
Ben L: It’s had a huge impact on our fan base which is always nice to know!

AH: For new fans, why should they take a listen to Out for Tomorrow?
Ben L: Cause we’re fucking rad!

AH: You’ve played shows with the likes of Deaf Havana, Futures and Lower Than Atlantis. How did these shows go and have they helped the band in anyway?
Ben H: We’re always humbled to be offered supports like that.
Ben L: 
Yeah the turn out is always great which gives us an opportunity to show a lot of people our live performance.

AH: Your music video for ‘Green Eyed (Nous Tous Savions)’ received airplay on ScuzzTV. In the age of Youtube and social media, how important is TV airplay for a band like Out For Tomorrow?
Ben H: YouTube will always be an easier way to promote a band, just because it’s more accessible and you can reach more people so easily.
Ben L: TV airplay is still so important for bands like us though, any opportunity to grab new fans. Scuzz, for example has really helped us with that!

AH: Your new single is called ‘Young and Foolish.’ What can you tell us about the track?
Ben H: We’re really proud of the track. We write very organically so every band members influences come through in all of our songs. I think this makes our music really easy to relate to! Young and Foolish is a great example of that.
Ben L: The response we’ve had has been phenomenal so far! We’ll be releasing it for free very soon

AH: You’ve recorded with Matt O’Grady (producer Deaf Havana, You Me At Six) How was that and what can we expect to see from it?
Ben L: It’s always amazing to work with Matt, he’s such a good producer and works so well to bring out the best in us.
Ben H: I think a lot of fans will appreciate the quality of production and Matt’s work on the track.

AH: You’re from Bridgwater in the South West. What is the general music scene like there and are there any bands from the area we should be checking out?
Ben L: There’s a lot of support from fans in Bridgwater. Hometown shows are always really good to us.
Ben H: There are a couple of bands we’ve played with in Bridgwater you should check out. A Tail of Two Cities and Cut Nancy.

AH: You have just finished a UK Tour. How did that go?
Ben H: Yeah tour was great! We’ve had a really good time! There’s a tour video which you can find on Youtube!
Ben L: Bristol was brilliant, really nice venue and an awesome show! Scotland was insane, we stayed with some good friends and guys from Here Lies A Warning, check them out!

AH: What does Out For Tomorrow have planned over the next few months? I understand you’re touring again in March?
Ben H: we have quite a few plans in the pipelines. We’re hoping to tour as much as possible this year.
Ben L: 
We’ve just released Young & Foolish. We’re hitting the studio this month to record some new tracks with Phil Gornell and Lee Malia from Bring Me The Horizon which we can’t wait for.

AH: Do you have any final words to close the interview?
We’ve entered Red Bull Bedroom Jam this year, we’d love it if you could give us a vote!

‘World On Your Side’ by Out For Tomorrow is available now on iTunes.

Out For Tomorrow links: Facebook|Twitter|Youtube|Big Cartel

Words by Sean Reid

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