This month marks Already Heard’s 5th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, we have decided to release the long overdue fourth instalment of our ‘Recommends’ compilation series.

‘Already Heard Recommends: Volume 4’ continues our trend of showcasing established and emerging talent within the alternative music scene.

1. Casey – Little Bird
2. Acres – In Sickness & Health
3. Tigercub – Memory Boy
4. Cassels – Sight for Sore Eyes
5. Energy – The Infection
6. Catch Fire – Thin Ice
7. Kamikaze Girls – Berlin
8. …And The Hangnails – Don’t Waste My Time
9. Everyday Sidekicks – Bury Your Friends
10. Colt 45 – Hard Times
11. Youth Killed It – Popstar
12. Patrons – First Of The Slow Burners
13. Tim Kasher – No Secret
14. Empty Lungs – Fragile
15. Nightlife – Salt & Acid
16. Ghouls – Home
17. FURR – Padlocks
18. Patrick Craig – Damaged
19. Skies Collide – Run Wild
20. SEASONS – I Want It All
21. Luke Rainsford – Frame
22. Rosen Bridge – Dreamcatcher

Already Heard Recommends: Volume 4 by Already Heard

The compilation is available as a “name your price” download through Bandcamp with 100% profit of the compilation being donated to MIND.

MIND is a mental health charity, that offers information and advice to people with mental health problems and lobbies government and local authorities on their behalf. It also works to raise public awareness and understanding of issues relating to mental health.

“It is with great pride to support a notable cause such as MIND for our fourth compilation,” says Already Heard Founder & Senior Editor, Sêan Reid. “We are seeing more events and discussions about the importance of mental health. The stigma around issues such as depression and anxiety are becoming no longer existent thanks to organisations like MIND. As someone who has suffered from mental health issues in recent years, I think it is vital for people to know there is support available for those struggling with mental health issues. Personally, I have often used music (and this site) as a way to find comfort and escape from my issues. I hope this compilation succeeds by raising awareness about MIND and mental health support.

I’d like to thank everyone who has helped put this compilation, especially the bands who took time out to show support for the compilation and for MIND. In addition, myself and the rest of the Already Heard would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported and contributed to Already Heard over the past five years.”

‘Already Heard Recommends: Volume 4’ has the support of MIND, who passed on the following comment:

“Music and mental health complement each other, we all know how much it can help with what we are feeling. We are Mind, England and Wales’ no.1 mental health charity. We are here to campaign for better services and provide information and support via our infoline and award-winning publications. The World Health Organisation has just released a report which shows that depression is now the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. Fundraising for our cause has never been more important. Thank you for your support.

Further information about MIND can be found on their official website – You can also find MIND on Facebook and Twitter.

Artwork Photo: Sam Haines

“From my own experience of working within an Acute Mental Health Ward, I am aware of how mental health issues can seriously affect a person’s life within a hospital setting, never mind within the wider community. Charities like MIND break down the stigma and help people open up about the issues they are facing, by offering support and respect to people who really need it. We’re honoured to be a part of this.” – John Osola, Acres

“Mental illness is often overlooked as a serious affliction, primarily, I imagine, due to much of the public in ‘good’ health simply not understanding it. What better reason to support MIND in combatting this rampant antagonist as well as further educating us all of such debilitating disorders.”Tim Kasher

“It’s been great to see mental health issues begin to enter the mainstream narrative over the past few years. What’s been even better is how music has played a big part in this. By speaking publicly about mental illness, many high profile bands and musicians have done a lot to break down taboos, which is great. For anyone experiencing mental health problems, I think music can be a great outlet. For me personally, it has acted as a form of self-therapy and given me a medium where I can more comfortably discuss and deal with negative feelings and experiences. Case and point, the song we’ve included on this compilation; ‘Sights For Sore Eyes’ was written during a short period of crippling anxiety where I found it impossible to leave my flat.

It’s great to be included on this compilation and it’s great that blogs like Already Heard are putting in the effort to raise awareness and money for such an important cause. While we’ve come a long way in opening up the discussion, mental illness is still on the rise in the UK, and with ongoing cuts to health provision across the board charities like MIND have never been more vital.“ – Jim Beck, Cassels

"Having mental health support be readily available to those in need is incredibly important. If someone is coming to the realisation that they need help, they should be able to seek it out immediately without any trouble. I wrote ‘The Infection’ about my own deteriorating mental health when I was in a very dark place. The song itself is about temporarily overcoming depression through music, and the safe escape that it can offer for those in need of immediate help.” – Jason Tankerley, Energy

“We’re very happy, and equally as honoured to be a part of Already Heard’s MIND compilation. There are a lot of people suffering from mental illnesses, who perhaps have no sanctuary anywhere else other than in music and arts. It’s a privilege to be featured, and we hope that perhaps anyone going through any hardship at all, can find comfort or relief in not just our track, but in any of the tracks featured on this compilation. Look after yourselves.” – Ash Wain, Catch Fire

“We’re really happy to be included on the Already Heard / MIND compilation. MIND is a charity we hold close to our hearts, and the work they do supporting mental health is really important to our community at the moment. As someone that struggles to deal with and talking about my own mental health issues, playing music has been a huge healer and coping mechanism for me. I found the MIND website is really helpful in terms of information and support for people suffering from different mental health problems.” – Lucinda Livingstone, Kamikaze Girls

“Mental health support is incredibly important. If you have any issues such as depression and anxiety, then one of the biggest reliefs is to know that there is someone there for you through it all and there is something that could help you get better. We are so excited to be part of this compilation as anything we can do to help out MIND and raise awareness for them and mental health is something we are always happy to do! So thank you Already Heard involving us in this”Everyday Sidekicks

“We’re delighted to be involved in this special compilation – firstly because MIND is such a brilliant organisation working hard to ensure everyone who suffers from mental health problems gets the support and respect they need and deserve, and secondly because Already Heard have supported this band from Day 1 and are one of the most important platforms out there for emerging and aspiring acts. Nearly everybody will experience some form of mental health issue at some point in their lives, and MIND are dedicated to helping people deal with them, so we’re very proud to be involved in this campaign and will be encouraging all our friends, family and fans to support it.” – Adam Lewis, COLT 45

“We’re really happy to be involved in this compilation. Not only because Already Heard is a great publication but mental health is an issue so close to our hearts that we’ve all been deeply affected by. Our track ‘Fragile’ deals with suicide and the aftermath of losing a wonderful friend. I’m happy that in a small way it’s helping an amazing charity like MIND.” – Kev Jones, Empty Lungs

“Mental health support is something that is quite close to my heart and I think bringing mental health into the conversation, helping to remove any sense of stigma and trying to educate and help the wider public understand mental health is very important in helping those who suffer. Mental health and emotional well-being is a common underlying theme in a lot of our songs, and to be asked to be a part of a compilation promoting awareness and helping to fund support for those who need it is an honour and a privilege. So thank you to Already Heard and MIND for making this compilation happen and for asking us to be involved.” – Martyn Fillingham, …And The Hangnails

“As a person who has struggled with mental health issues since I was a young teenager, I know how important it is that people who suffer from any kind of mental health condition receive the right treatment and support. A huge part of that is spreading awareness and breaking down the boundaries created by stigmas associated with mental health. It is with great pride that we are able to contribute to MIND by being a part of Already Heard’s compilation release and we hope that it can go some way to helping people get the support that they need.” – Danny Brooks, Patrons

“With public services having their budgets slashed to the breaking point, it’s extremely important that people struggling with their mental health have a lifeline like MIND. As a long term sufferer of anxiety and depression, I have relied on them multiple times and it’s a privilege to be involved in this compilation, especially amongst a group of bands who are absolutely smashing it right now.” – Lewis Harrison, Nightlife

“We’re deeply honoured to be included in this compilation with so many other great bands. Already Heard have always done an amazing job in supporting local and regional music at every level, so the opportunity to spread a bit of noise, while also doing so much good for mental health, is amazing. The lifesaving work that MIND do every day is incredibly important to us, and we’re glad that our music will go a little way to supporting such a vital charity.” – Jack Byrne, FURR

“We’re super stoked to be part of the Already Heard compilation for starters, but even more proud in knowing that the donations will be sent to an organisation that we truly believe in. These charities are essential to keeping a positive and happy society, by working to change attitudes towards mental health. Discussing mental health, seeking professional help and help from those around you, is key to creating a foundation from which you can then build towards your personal future. From our own experiences in this subject, we’ve learned that it’s a long road and it’s never going to be easy. But taking that small step in the right direction and seeking support is the best place to start.”Rosen Bridge

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