Already Heard Song Premiere: Krak Krak – Afterlife

Having developed a reputation for their riotous live show, Brighton trio Krak Krak are set to release their debut album, ‘All The Punks In The World Can’t Save Us Now’, in late November. With their brand unhinged noise rock, the album captures the frenzied energy of their live show perfectly. Today Already Heard is giving you a brief taster of what Krak Krak are all about.

‘Afterlife’ is a short, reckless number that batters you non-stop for 38 seconds yet leaves you smiling. Warped vocals, frantic drums and thrashing guitars make for a brief but brilliant slab of fierce noise rock.

Drummer Rob Ling had this to say about the track:

“’Afterlife’ came about by trying to pay homage to classic stoner rock, slow beastly hits. We swiftly got bored, so we followed it up by an old school relentless, punk, hard core beat, layered with frantically scraped guitars all the whilst the vocals are repeating a line which is also unforgiving on the vocal chords. Then when you think it ends it comes back for that last kick whilst you’re already down to remind you we still have that energy to finish you off.

It was an easy song to write, because when we realised it doesn’t need to be five minutes long we felt that condensed aggression is just as effective as showing off for however long. For album 2 we’re trying to stretch out this idea and go even shorter, "radio friendly grindcore”.

And, it’s really fun to play live, and in KRAK KRAK if it’s fun then it’s in.“

‘All The Punks In The World Can’t Save Us Now’ by Krak Krak is released on November 30th on Rawshark Records.

Krak Krak links: Website|Facebook|Soundcloud|Bandcamp

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