Already Heard Track Guide: Savings – Get Well Soon EP

Savings originally began life as a solo venture for Albuquerque, New Mexico native Sam Wilmot. However, since launching the project in 2020, Wilmot has welcomed drummer Brian Lowther, and guitarists and vocalists Nick Encinas and Dawson Holmes, to Savings ranks.

Collectively, it’s allowed the four-piece to flesh out a smart and emotive brand of pop-punk. Their new EP, ‘Get Well Soon’ contains five hook-laden, emotionally-charged tracks. Threaded together by tales of mental health struggles, being introverted, and yearning for someone, songs such as ‘American Psycho’ and ‘You Mean To Tell Me a Head of Lettuce Sunk This Ship?’ radiantly explode with heartfelt emotion. Whereas ‘Alter-Ego’ and ‘I Found a Date For The Holidays (Directors Cut)’ lean towards a snappy, energetic brand of pop-punk.

Savings frontman and founder Sam Wilmot gave us the track-by-track low down on ‘Get Well Soon’.

Chin Up, Champ!

This track is super special to us. We knew when we were writing an opener for the project it had to not only have a hook but be experimental in terms of our sound. ‘Chin Up, Champ!’ is an ensemble for the hopeless, to let everyone know that it’s okay to not be okay in the state you’re in, but more importantly that everything is temporary and all we can do is move forward.

American Psycho

This song came about in the final stages of our writing process, we originally wrote about 7-8 songs that we had to pull from for this project. We wrote this one last and it ultimately became one of our favorites and the lead single for the project.

‘American Psycho’ embodies the idea of being a part of the younger generation; everyone is constantly telling you what to do, how to think, and where to go. Fuck That. Be yourself and life is a hell of a lot easier.


‘Alter-Ego’ like many of our songs came about during a full band writing session, through jamming out ideas and melodies; we eventually landed on this. It is built around the idea that we as humans have two versions of ourselves, one being who you are socially/with your friends and the other being who you are when you’re not necessarily lonely but physically alone. Overall a subtle reminder that a lot of us are introverts and recharge when we’re by ourselves lol.

I Found a Date For The Holidays (Directors Cut)

This song was honestly written 30 minutes before our studio session last fall. We had a very rough idea of it before we got together, but ultimately it became one of our fan favourites. Not to be generic but this song is truly just about wanting to be with someone you can’t be with. Nonetheless, we wanted to revitalize it for the ep, we called it the “director’s cut” because we got to add all of the things we didn’t think of prior to originally recording the single back in August.

You Mean To Tell Me a Head of Lettuce Sunk This Ship?

This was the first track we wrote for the EP. We wrote this song about being in a state of melancholy content, the idea of so many good things coming your way but not being able to mentally celebrate them.

We all love Free Throw and Hot Mulligan, specifically their songs ‘please don’t cry, you have swag‘ and ‘Smokes, Lets Go’ and always wanted to write a song that gave off that same emotion through having a stripped-down first half and then blowing up into an anthem for the second half. We think we did exactly that and we’re super proud of how it ended the project.

Ultimately we just want to say thank you to anyone who supports us in any manner. Whether it be through streaming, sharing, coming to shows, buying merch, etc. We hope you love this EP just as much as we enjoyed creating it. We do this for you and more importantly, this doesn’t happen without you. With Love, Savings.

‘Get Well Soon’ EP by Savings is out now.

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