Today marks the release of the new album from Hertfordshire rockers Scream Shout. As a result of “real-life commitments,” ‘Threads’ is five years in the making yet ‘Threads’ is worth the wait as Scream Shout have delivered a thorough, confident and passionate rock record.

In the latest “Track Guide” feature, vocalist Ben Davies from the band gives us a track by track account of the record.

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Sister, You Don’t Know What Rough Is
I wrote this song about my brother, my dad and myself and how the 3 of us often revert to the same bad habits that only tend to have a negative effect on our lives. Although it was weirdly intended to be more positive than that sounds – as those similarities are what make us so close.

Young Bucks
This song came about after a wedding I went to, there was a little girl there who was talking throughout the ceremony but not being annoying or a brat – she was just so oblivious to the fact that anyone could hear her. I just remember thinking that being a kid is amazing, before you have any semblance of social awkwardness or embarrassment, which seem to be huge parts of my adult life!

Conductor, Conduct
I guess you could say this songs about insecurity. Although It was really just written as a kind of “It’s okay to be average” type thing! I know I’m not the smartest or most well read of my friends (very far from it) but I figure that’s okay – and there must be something that makes these people want to hang out with me!

A Hush & A Heavy Heart
A song about people who put on a front whenever they’re around people, and just end up coming across as a bit to try hard and embarrassing. Pretty sure we’ve all fallen into this trait at some point.

A Great Roar
Another one about my dad. We lost touch for a bit and he’s had a tough time so this was just all about that.

Threads is about the idea that everyone we meet has some sort of impact on your life, no matter how big or small, and these connections totally shape your personality.

I Should Have Been A Pair Of Ragged Claws
I wrote it about incessantly trying to be seen as a good person, often to the detriment of your own development, and being unsure if you’re doing certain things through pure kindness or if you have an ulterior motive (conscious or otherwise).

Over Over Out
Simply about mates! Mainly the fact I know whatever is going on in my life I am guaranteed a fun time whenever I get together with certain people.

Hold Them Up
Kind of about the pressure you come under from family and friends when in a relationship, not even directly as such just because all around you people are getting married and having kids and it inadvertently reflects on your relationship.

The Hardest Part
The Hardest Part is about not being able to accept a comfortable silence with someone for what it is, and perhaps reading to much into that.

We Bake We Sew
A song about those times when things get on top of you – but again remembering that you’re an okay person and things could be a lot worse.

‘Threads’ by Scream Shout is available now on Scylla Records.

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