This Monday Leicester hardcore/metal quartet Surrender The Coast release their new mini-album – ‘Lost Souls’. It is a release with huge breakdowns and full of promise. As we said in our review earlier this week, it has the riffs, the vocals, and the huge breakdowns that a good hardcore record needs. ‘Lost Souls’ doesn’t hold back and proves to be a menacing and promising release for Surrender The Coast.

Before its release on Monday, the four piece spoke to Already Heard to give us a track-by-track breakdown of ‘Lost Souls.’

1. Aurora Skies
This song is about an individual’s confusion towards what they want. It portrays the feeling of knowing that something is good for them, but avoiding it at all costs and in it’s place, doing something that is definitely not the right option. We called it Aurora Skies’ because although they are a great sight, representing making the right choice, not everybody gets to see them due to one reason or another.

2. Lost Souls
This track is quite an ambiguous song. It is all about a person who has become disenchanted, whether it is with another person, their friends or anything else you care to think about. This was one of the first tracks we wrote for the mini album and was based around the feelings that come when you’re just not sure whether you’re making a decision for yourself, or just for the sake of it.

3. Thrones
‘Thrones’ is a funny track. This song started out life as an interlude, but when we went into the studio, our producer, Jamie Ward, refused to let us waste it like that. So we set about writing a track about the current state of affairs. We thought a lot about how people just wander mindlessly through life, going to work, eating, sleeping and repeating this process. Counting down the days to a holiday or a day off. We wanted to express our feelings that maybe you should question yourself once in a while, who are you actually making happy while you bore yourself to death sat behind an office desk? It has a political theme to it as well, we saw enough propaganda on the internet to last a life time while we were writing this mini album. Make the choice yourself, not what the TV or social media thinks you should do.

4. Dreamcatcher
The message in this song is about as blunt as the song is. Never ever give up on something that you want to do, regardless of what the people around you are saying. This is part personal reflection, part message to people who think that just because they don’t have a degree or some other qualification, doesn’t mean they are useless. Set your mind on that goal and do everything you can to achieve it. Never sit back and just be tarred with a brush that says failure, like so many other people are.

5. A Blissful Ignorance
This track is about how people sometimes become unintentionally ignorant of issues around them. They forget about things that have happened in the past because they think that they’re happy in the situation they are in now. This false sense of security may seem great for a while, but your chances are, if it’s gone bad once, it will happen again.,/p>

6. Southpaw
This track is an interlude to the mini album, but with a little message in it. It’s about how some people will go to any length to hate something. We wanted to reflect a positive mental attitude and say that no matter how much it pains you to do so, always try and see the positives in someone or something.

7. Wings
This was the last song we wrote for the mini album. It’s all about lusting after something, that you know deep down, you shouldn’t be doing. It’s pretty obvious from the lyrics that this song is about lusting after a girl when you’ve had one to many drinks. It’s a place we know almost everyone has been in and we know people will be in, for as long as time.

8. Archetype
This song is about being the person that you want to be and not who other people want you to be. We tried to speak about how some people feel they are under overwhelming pressure to conform. This can be pressure from their peers or stereotypes from external sources wanting to type cast a social group. Don’t do what other people think you should do, do what you want to do, it’s your choice.

’Lost Souls’ by Surrender the Coast is released on 23rd February on Redfield Recordings.

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