BabyMetal and Electric Callboy Team Up on ‘RATATATA’

BABYMETAL x Electric Callboy - RATATATA
Photo Credit: Christian Ripkens

In what is probably one of the year’s most anticipated collaborations, BabyMetal and Electric Callboy have teamed up for a track called ‘RATATATA’. Fusing together their distinctive styles, it blends together Electric Callboy‘s brand of party metal and BabyMetal‘s J-pop melodies. The end result is a blast of all-around fun metal.

The arrival of ‘RATATATA’ comes as BabyMetal prepare to host their own festival, Fox_Fest, in Japan this weekend. Electric Callboy will be appearing as part of several festival appearances lined up.

Both BabyMetal and Electric Callboy will be in the UK next month for the Download Festival.


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