Emerging London based trio Beasts are gearing up for the release of their self titled EP on 12th August, and have now premiered their new music video for ‘Everybody Knows’.

Vocalist/guitarist Joe Mallory-Skinner made the following comment about the video:

“We wanted to do something different to the usual performance music video. Most of our music video ideas come to me in dreams, at the time I was watching through Twin Peaks for the second time and had a pretty epic nightmare about being chased through the woods. So I made a note of that and here’s the result… We also took some inspiration from The Blair Witch Project for the way it was shot. It’s fitting with the meanings behind Everybody Knows, which is generally about a dysfunctional relationship where the other person is constantly trying to ‘deer hunt’ you, as in embarrass you, treat you like a fool, or even abuse you, and how everyone around you can see this happening,. ‘You wanna kill me for show’….”

Click read more to view the ‘Everybody Knows’ video.

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