Bring Me The Horizon Return with ‘LosT’

Bring Me The Horizon 2023

Download Festival 2023 headliners, Bring Me The Horizon, have released their first track in nearly ten months.

It’s called ‘LosT’ and sees the quintet brilliantly embrace a bold pop-punk sound. With its power-driven guitars, towering chorus, and glitchy drums, it’s questionably one of the band’s best songs in recent years.

While its video, directed by Jensen Noen, is a humourous gorefest.

The track is expected to appear on the second instalment of Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘Post Human’ EP series. The first EP, ‘ Survival Horror’, was released in October 2020. For some, it was a welcomed return to the heavy sound BMTH was founded on.

Since then, two singles have been released. ‘DiE4u’ arrived in September 2021 and proved to be a diverse track due to its pop-driven tone. Then last summer, ‘sTraNgeRs’ was dropped. Blending “radio-rock” and metalcore, the single considerably epitomises where Bring Me The Horizon is now as a band.

Now with ‘LosT’ joining, part two of ‘Post Human’ has plenty of potential. And there’s the small matter of parts three and four.

When speaking to Kerrang!, Jordan Fish gave the impression that the final instalment could be the heaviest of the lot. “The fourth one is where we want to explore the more heavy stuff, so in a way it limits how much we want to go heavy on this one,” said Bring Me The Horizon‘s keyboardist and producer.

You can hear the track below or watch the NSFW video on YouTube.

‘LosT’ Lyrics:

Watching Evangelion
With a big fat slug of ketamine
I lost the plot
A little while ago, oh
My dog just died
My friends hate me
I saw myself on MTV
& my ego is not my amigo, no

Maybe I don’t belong on this planet
Red crescent moons all over my hands
It’s too much to take
I can’t understand it
Someone tell me

Why am I this way?
Stupid medicine not doing anything
What the hell is fucking wrong with me?
I guess there’s no remedy
I’m so terribly lost.

Imaginary enemies
Suicidal tendencies
Serotonins proper on its arse
I used to go to therapy
But the doctor tried to section me
The next time that I open up to someone
Will be my autopsy

& if I keep this up
I think I’m gonna breakdown

Why am I this way?
Stupid medicine not doing anything
What the hell is fucking wrong with me?
I guess there’s no remedy
own worst enemy
I’m so terribly lost.

When are Bring Me The Horizon Playing Download Festival 2023?

Bring Me The Horizon will headline the Download Festival for the very first time this summer.

They will close out the second night of the festival (Friday, June 9th) with Slipknot and Metallica (who are playing twice) being the other main stage headliners across the weekend.

While the likes of ArchitectsBrutus, Neck DeepPupil SlicerPUP, Empire State Bastard, and Stand Atlantic are just some of the bands playing across Download Festival on that Friday.

Download Festival 2023




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