Broadside Team Up with Magnolia Park’s Josh Roberts on New Single

Broadside 2013

Alt-pop rockers Broadside have returned with a new single called ‘Bang‘. It sees the trio bring in Magnolia Park‘s Josh Roberts for a guest spot.

Despite its upbeat and catchy sound, ‘Bang’ is about facing your inner demons. “‘Bang’ is a song about feeling like you’re living in a haunted body. It’s a representation of the lifelong battle with our own mind. Eventually, you turn around and embrace that it all comes to an end,” shared Broadside vocalist Oliver Baxxter.

‘Bang’ Lyrics

Hang my head out the window Watching the cars go
Hoping that one of them
Would change my life

They say it’s all that ego keeping your feet cold
I should listen
To my daddy’s advice

I bite my tongue
Until the blood is running down my chest

a long pursuit of happiness But left with something less
Thought I’d be more than just the ghost of who I’d never been
Im tripping up, with no luck In this dance with death

I hear it I hear It
I hear it in my head
I hear it I hear it
I hear that voice again

Bang bang bang
The reaper’s at my door And I don’t wanna run Anymore

I tried to bottle up sorrow Save some for tomorrow
Praying that whisky Jesus saves my life
I’m checking in on my demons to see how they’re feeling
My momma showed me how to lose a fight
She tried to warn me I was sinking in the deeper end Mouthful of chalk, but I didn’t ever wanna swallow it And even if my world’s not coming to a bitter end I couldn’t stand the taste of it
I need more than a sedative

Bang bang bang
The reaper’s at my door And I don’t wanna run Anymore

I don’t think I’ll run anymore


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