Butterfly Hurricane Delivers Second Single (‘Super Turbo’)

Butterfly Hurricane

Earlier this year, Essex-based artist Butterfly Hurricane (former Sun Arcana guitarist Harry Acreman)  marked their arrival with ‘Barricade’. Acreman has now returned with the project’s second single – ‘Super Turbo’.

As its title suggests, ‘Super Turbo’ is an alt-rock adrenaline rush catapulted by its heavy riff.

Lyrically, ‘Super Turbo’ accompanies ‘Barricade’ as Acreman uses his experiences dealing with Crohn’s disease as an influence. ‘Super Turbo’ is described as “a track created to help people find the courage to start letting go of their bad habits.”

Butterfly Hurricane expanded on this stating, “On a personal level, the song delves into my experience with Crohn’s disease. Its lyrics mirror the emotions I once harboured about the challenges it posed. I despised the way it affected me, the consequences it brought, and the medication’s side effects. However, during that phase, it seemed as though it defined my existence. To embark on a path towards improvement, I realised I would have to re-discover who I am and take a plunge into something new.”


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