Canterbury have announced drummer Scott Peters has left the band. All Forgotten‘s Chris Velissarides will be filling during the recording of the bands third album and forthcoming UK dates,

Scott Peters made the following comment:

“After a lot of thought I’ve decided to put down my sticks. Being part of Canterbury has created many of the fondest memories of my life to date and i’ve had so much fun doing things I never even thought I’d have the opportunity to do. However, it’s come to head, where a combination of a lack of passion on my part for the sometimes extensive touring/recording aspect of being in a band, alongside the financial strains from being in a band when you’re having to balance two jobs for it to work, have simply become too much for me to handle. There’s so much of it I will miss, but it’s just not for me anymore. Thanks to who has worked for and with us and to all the great bands that have taken us on tour with them!”

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