Cheridomingo Preview New Album with ‘Like a Chain’

Photo Credit: Madie Ramser (@MadieTenae)

Californian outfit Cheridomingo have shared a second track from their upcoming third album, ‘Shapeshift’. The track is called ‘Like a Chain’ and also serves as the album’s opening track. Blending elements of indie-rock, pop-punk, and alternative rock, it highlights the quartet’s dynamic style and songwriting. Perhaps more importantly it’s put them on our radar.

With comparisons to Movements and Microwave, ‘Like a Chain’ contains a brooding rhythm section which clashes with towering guitars. Accompanied by Anthony Avina’s emotionally raw vocals and radiant chorus, it’s a track that you’re sure to be playing on repeat.

‘Shapeshift’ will be released independently on Tuesday, September 3rd.

Who are Cheridomingo?

Founded in Simi Valley, California, Cheridomingo consists of vocalist Anthony Avina, lead guitarist Adam Dobrucki, bassist Alex Gonzalez, and drummer Simon Beck. ‘Shapeshift’ will be their third album following 2018’s debut outing, ‘Feelings’, and 2022’s ‘Try Again‘. With the upcoming album set to explore life’s struggles and triumphs, it looks set to maintain the lyrical viewpoint Avina has developed. “Cheridomingo is an extension of me,” says the vocalist. “It has given me a purpose which I didn’t have before. it’s very rare where I feel like I’m exactly where I should.”

The personal yet relatable nature of Aviana and Cheridomingo can be heard on ‘Like a Chain’ and past single, ‘Peace of Mind’“A lot of the record deals with my own insecurities and fears. I never had a person telling me that it was going to be okay, I made that person within myself” states Avina. “I hope that people
find things on the record that feel relatable to them and in turn can be used as a source of comfort.”

Cheridomingo Shapeshift

1. Like a Chain
2. Peace of Mind
3. Get In
4. Disconnect
5. Nothing Says “I’m Sick of You” Like Indifference
6. /cry
7. Sympathy
8. Limerence
9. Half-Life
10. I Was Wrong

‘Like a Chain’ Lyrics

While I’m thinking about
The same thing
Inside an ocean of doubt
Try to hear myself out
And maybe
I’ll find a way out

Throw it away
And laugh it off
It’s always the same
It’s always
It feels like a chain
Around the neck
It pulls and it strains

Tripping up
I shouldn’t be
Thoughts of mine
Are scaring me
So ugly
Give me some good energy
A sign a touch at least something
Hold me close

If I’m right where I need to be
Then why do my fears keep growing, consuming

Throw it away
And laugh it off
It’s always the same
It’s always
It feels like a chain
Around the neck
It pulls and it strains


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