Continents Return with ‘Lifeline’


After taking a three-year hiatus, Welsh metalcore outfit Continents reformed last year. After releasing a couple of singles (‘Bad Blood’ and ‘Clarity’) at the back end of 2022, the quartet have returned with a new single titled ‘Lifeline’.

It marks a new chapter for Continents, showing a new, more honest side.

“Lyrically, ‘Lifeline’ is the most open and honest I’ve ever been with letting people into my head space. It takes listeners on an emotional journey through my struggles via the music and lyrics,” explains vocalist Philip Cross. “It comes from the problems caused mainly by social anxiety with being in such a dark and terrifying place where I was unable to breathe, speak properly or leave my house at times. I hope ‘Lifeline’ resonates with listeners and encourages them to be more mindful of others, whether that be thinking before you speak or just checking in.”

With its atmospheric verses and explosive chorus, ‘Lifeline is a sharp slice of angst-fuelled metalcore.

‘Lifeline’ Lyrics

I’m here to help you with what to say
It’s time to show you your mistakes
I’m sorry to cause offence
But this manifesto of yours must, must be read

As I’m the only one to understand
What’s going on in your head
I know that every day your escaping tragedy
That made you this way

There’s a demon in my head there’s a demon in my soul and I can’t escape this
There’s a demon in my head there’s a demon in my soul and I can’t escape this

I’m in a never ending nightmare and I stand there like a ghost
All these people they walk around me whispering everything I quote
I’m a stranger in my head can you hear me as a choke
I’m a stranger in this head forced to live amongst these ghosts

The world that we live in is broken
There’s no escaping the shit that is spoken

Either cut them out or tell them how it fucking is
Dark and empty
I felt gone for good
Made to feel like I’m fading

They say that I’m fine
But what they don’t understand
That I tried
That I tried
That I tried to cut my own life line!


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