Enumclaw Join Run For Cover Records for New Album

Enumclaw | Photo Credit: Colin Matsui
Photo Credit: Colin Matsui

Rising Washington-based rock band Enumclaw have signed with Run For Cover Records. Their sophomore album, ‘Home In Another Life’, will be released on August 30th. The news is accompanied by a new track called ‘Change’.

With its jangly, alt-rock guitars, the track sees vocalist and principal songwriter Aramis Johnson provide a resolute and heartfelt delivery in its anthemic chorus. ‘Change’ captures the raw outpouring that Johnson showed on 2022’s debut full-length, ‘Save The Baby’.

Its follow-up, ‘Home In Another Life’, promises to build on the lo-fi emo grunge of its predecessor. It sees Johnson, along with guitarist Nathan Cornell, drummer LaDaniel Gipson, bassist (and Aramis’ younger brother) Eli Edward delivering more anthems wrapped in personal tales of living in Tacoma, Washington.

Enumclaw Home in Another Life

1. I’m Scared I’ll End Up All Alone
2. Not Just Yet
3. Sink
4. Spots
5. I Still Feel Bad About Masturbation
6. Haven’t Seen The Family In A While, I’m Sorry
7. Grocery Store
8. Change
9. Fall Came Too Soon And Now I Wanna Throw Up
10. This Light Of Mine
11. I Want Somethings For Myself

Pre-order here.

‘Change’ Lyrics

well it feels good being back on my own
is what i try and tell myself time and time again leaning on my friends
but this time i want
would you want me to change
would you want me to
somewhere down the line
when were doing fine
i might find some peace of mind
remember December, November, September the sun reminds me
when were we fine when we were fine
would you want me to change
would you want me to
I want you to touch me
i want you to hurt me
i want you to turn me on could you really need me could you really see me could this feel wrong would you want me to change
would you want me to


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