Exclusive Song Premiere: Milestones – Sleepless Nights Are Put To Bed

Having been highlighed as one of our 50 bands to watch at the top of the year, Milestones are quickly becoming a familiar name here on Already Heard and with their debut EP release getting even closer, we’re premiering the closing track from ‘Equal Measures’.

‘Sleepless Nights Are Put To Bed’ rounds off the EP in a superb fashion as it takes the pop-rock and pop punk elements of other tracks on the EP, and blends them into one energetic, upbeat blast.

As we said in our recent “Recommends” feature on Milestones, ‘Equal Measures’ sees the quartet get off to the best possible start in their young career.

In addition to streaming ‘Sleepless Nights Are Put To Bed’, vocalist Matt Clarke provided us with a track-by-track breakdown of ‘Equal Measures’.

1. More To Me
‘More To Me’ focuses on the first theme of the EP: losing family and friends. ‘MTM’ is focused on a personal time for myself, of when a loved one was terminally ill. It shows my frustration of the lack of support I received from those who I’d been giving it to for years. We recorded MTM aside from the rest of the EP. We’d only practiced together a few times before we headed to the studio in September. It was a load of fun because we hadn’t learnt how best to budget ourselves, so we got a hotel and had a load of fun being a band. Although we don’t regret it one bit, because it created a great initial vibe of recording with Phil and Sheffield as a city.

2. Equal Measures
‘Equal Measures’ was probably the easiest track to record, it was the least changed and the quickest to create. Lyrically it focuses on how changing certain aspects of your life can turn you upside down. The term “Equal Measures” is about regaining balance and composure.

3. Nothing Left
‘Nothing Left’ is probably the most honest track on the EP, it focuses on the second theme of the EP; losing love. I recall finding it particularly hard to record; “I didn’t think that you’d leave me on this day, when the car drew up I refused to feel the weight”, because those lyrics were probably the most personal I’d ever written. It’s a direct train of thought I had on possibly the worst day of my life. I really shocked myself when I made it through all of that, but I suppose I have my band mates to thank for that!

4. Counterweight
I personally wrote acoustic track ‘Counterweight’ before the band was practicing, with Drew helping to later adapt it once we decided to use it. It’s a great little sing along that I feel has a good impact on the EP, allowing the dynamics of the record to really show.

5. Sleepless Nights Are Put To Bed
I suppose this track is self-explanatory. It seemed fitting to put this one at the end due to the entire EP’s journey lyrically and musically, coming to a resolving end on this track. This one is probably the harshest side of our sounds; the most aggressive for sure. I believe that after a certain time you should stop allowing yourself to be upset and just draw a line. That’s what this song was, the line for me, and I’ve never looked back.

‘Equal Measures’ EP by Milestones is released on 6th April.

Milestones links: Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp


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