Exclusive: The Decomposers – Live Again

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hosting a series of videos Lincoln indie rockers The Decomposers known as ‘Sickroom Sessions’.

The final videos sees the quartet away from the studio in Norfolk and showcasing a new song called ‘Live Again’. The stripped-down number highlights the bands sincere side as Louis Belton pays tribute a friend who has passed away. Louis Belton explains how the track came about and why it’s included in the series:

“Whilst filming the Sickroom Sessions we decided we’d record a cover of Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ however it was at the end of the day and my voice was on its last legs, so we decided to not release it as a part of the live series. To replace this song, we recorded a live session at my parents house of a song called ‘Live Again’.

This is our first acoustic song and doesn’t feature in any of our sets or our EP however we really like the song and wanted to get it out there somehow. The song is pretty personal to me (and my brother) and it deals with the loss of a friend and family member. The song explores how you can take the simple things for granted and its only when they pass away, you find the simple things are what you miss most about them. ”

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‘Born Out of Silence’ EP by The Decomposers is out now.

The Decomposers links: Website|Facebook|Instagram|YouTube


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