Today we’re proud to premier the new video from Bristol rockers Hello Lazarus.

‘When In Rome’ is the first single from the bands sophomore release, ‘Moving Forward Over The Next Financial Quarter.’ The EP is set to be released on 29th April through Scylla Records and is the first in a trilogy of EP’s Hello Lazarus are planning to release this year.

Pre-order ‘Moving Forward Over The Next Financial Quarter’ here.

Hello Lazarus’ Adam Hooper had this to say about ‘When In Rome.’

“When in Rome was the first song we wrote after the release of our self titled EP last year, it was no easy writing process but as soon as we found the ending it all really seemed to come together. The song was written at the end of the summer of 2012 after we’d all had a pretty crazy summer touring and wild holidays away.

I always find it hard to talk about what lyrics are about as I prefer people to make of it what they will but if we could say it’s about anything it’s really about those wild nights out you’ve had where everything just seems to be getting beyond your control and it’s either you get buckled in and go along for the ride or get left by the way side. It’s about forgetting all logic and things you’d normally do. The line itself was inspired by a friend of mine who did something completely out of character but felt he could completely justify it with that single phrase. I remembered it and the next thing you knew at the end of the summer it was our new chorus.

Filming the video was a lot easier than the last time (4 hours in a launderette in Bristol is easier than 8 hours on a beach the weekend before Christmas!) though this time with myself and Sean wondering around in fox and horse’s heads we drew a lot of strange looks. We also had to buy a lot of people coffee’s in the very accommodating café next door for those that needed to do their washing (of course we let them put their spin wash on first). We were also very fortunate to have the lovely Ellie Richie agree to be in it who looks great and it was good to give Luke someone to bounce off.”

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