Feature: Already Heard’s Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

Even though the New Year period already seems a lifetime ago, Already Heard thought it’d be a good idea to give you a run down of 23 albums that we can’t wait to hear in 2016. From comeback albums to long awaited follow up releases to high-profile debuts, our list is sure to get you excited for the coming weeks and months.

So read on and find out which new releases we are eager to hear over the next 12 months…

Deftones – TBC (April 8th)

Four years removed from the exceptional ‘Koi No Yokan’, Chino Moreno and company are set to unleash their studio album in the coming months. With the mixing of the currently untitled effort completed at the end of 2015, recent interviews has seen the band promise “something different”, which longtime fans won’t, to an extent, be surprised to hear as Deftones are one the most progressive rock bands of their generation. With each record they evolve, subtly incorporating new elements and textures along the way.

Having been given as much time as they like by their label, we’ve got high expectations for album number 8. With Matt Hyde back on production duties along with rumours of a broad, sonic delivery who knows what the Sacramento group may deliver. Nonetheless one thing we do know is that it’ll probably blow us away. See you at Wembley and Donnington fellas! (SR)

Set It Off – TBC (Release Date: Summer)

After a year that saw them fully transition from plucky hopefuls to a bona fide pop-rock behemoth, it only seems right that 2016 should see Set It Off capitalise on their newfound success with a new collection of highly-polished bangers. Details are been rather thin on the ground, but with a tentative summer release date being tossed around, festival season seems to be on the cards to get a taste of a new fix of Floridian pop-rock brilliance. And if it’s even half as good as 2014’s ‘Duality was! then we should be in for a real treat. (LN)

Brian Fallon – ‘Painkillers’ (Release Date: 11th March)

Even with The Gaslight Anthem making the decision to go on hiatus this summer, 2016 isn’t going to be completely devoid of a fix of Fallon, with the frontman’s debut solo album ‘Painkillers’ due in March. Only one song has been released so far, ‘A Wonderful Life’, a chiming, sepia-toned slice of rock ‘n’ soul that’s every bit as joyous and heartstring-tugging as his main band. Get excited, because, even on the meagre evidence we’ve got, Fallon’s debut already looks set to be one of the albums of the year. (LN)

Bury Tomorrow – ‘Earthbound’ (Release Date: Janaury 29th)

Two years removed from delivering the impressive (yet underachieving) ‘Runes’, Southampton’s Bury Tomorrow return later this month with ‘Earthbound’. With three tracks already out there for the public consume, this fourth full-length looks set to be most vicious yet melodic so far. Its title track sets the standard with thumping instrumentation and infectious hooks. Whilst ‘Last Light’ simply sounds powerful and mighty with blistering guitar work, with Daniel Winter-Bates’s guttural screams being complimented by Jason Cameron’s soaring vocals.

If ‘Earthbound’ builds on these early delights, then Bury Tomorrow might just fulfil the potential they have had in recent years. We’re confident that the quartet will show why they’re one of the UK’s leading metalcore band. We’ll soon find out. (SR)

Moose Blood – TBC (Release Date: Summer)

You probably know all about how the past 18 months have been for these Canterbury emo rockers; a critically beloved debut album followed plenty of touring and festival appearances rounded off by recording its follow up in L.A. last November.

Admittedly a second Moose Blood record might come too soon, but then we just have to be reminded of the delights of ‘I’ll Keep You in Mind, From Time to Time’ bought us. So the thought of the quartet suffering “second album syndrome” are put at ease as we’re confident they can deliver another collection of charming emo-tinged anthems. Be ready to sing-a-long by the time Autumn comes around. (SR)

The Hotelier – TBC (Release Date: Spring)

After delivering one of the stand out albums of the past 10 years in 2014 with ‘Home, Like Noplace Is There’, Worcester, Massachusetts The Hotelier are due to deliver its follow up in 2016.

Whilst it is nearly impossible to better a record as perfect as ‘Home, Like Noplace Is There’, the prospect of The Hotelier doing just that is certainly exciting. 2015 saw them travel to across America, the UK and Europe before ending the year in Australia. Having gained worldly experince on the road, it will be interested to see what the four-piece deliver. If it is anything like its predecessor, expect a barrage of impassioned and anthemic emo rock full of regret and hope. (SR)

Hands Like Houses – ‘Dissonants’ (Release Date: 26th February)

2016 could be a potentially huge year for Australia’s Hands Like Houses. Sophomore release ‘Unimagine’ was a huge step up, and new album ‘Dissonants’ due at the end of February, it could well see them becoming the potential world-beaters they’ve always threatened to be, taking their experimental yet gimmick-free rock to greater heights than ever before. If preview tracks ‘I Am’ and ‘New Romantics’ are any indication to go on, then the next twelve months could see Hands Like Houses explode in a truly spectacular fashion. (LN)

Jimmy Eat World – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

We’ll admit details of a new record from the influential emo rock group are thin. Nevertheless we do know the quartet had plans to reconvene at the back end of 2015. It was a year that saw each members focus on other project. Most notably front man Jim Atkins offered a series of 7" singles before touring the UK and Europe in the Autumn. Whilst drummer Zach Lind teamed up with wife Holly to form The Wretched Desert.

2013’s ‘Damage’ saw the Arizona group back on track, offering a collection of warm and heartbreaking songs that have become their trademark. Jimmy Eat World are a band that rarely suffer a slump and have proved they’re more than capable of writing infectious, sincere songs. We expect more of the same on album number 9, and it’s sure to be welcomed with open arms. (SR)

Deaf Havana – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

It’s all been rather quiet in the Deaf Havana camp throughout 2015, following on from a 2014 which brought the entire future of the band into question. Still, after a rather touch-and-go period, 2016 sees to put them right back to the top of the pile once again with their long-awaited fourth album. Details are scarce, but lead single ‘Cassiopeia’ hints once again at reinvention, darker and more broody than their previous album, 2013’s more rustic ‘Old Souls’. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be an interesting new development from one of the UK’s best-loved bands. (LN)

Good Charlotte – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

There isn’t really any denying that 2015 was the year that the new generation of pop-punk bands established their domination on the genre with bands like All Time Low and State Champs leading the way. But now it’s a new year and many of the old guard are queuing up to reclaim their kingdom. One of the first to have a crack will be Good Charlotte, realising their first studio album in nearly six years.

Sure that’s a long time to be a way, but in that time the Madden brothers put out a joint album featuring some of the most polished and listenable material of their careers with influences from a host of genres. If they can carry this form and quality of songwriting into their GC return then we could be in for one of the bands most intriguing releases to date. Comeback single ‘Makeshift Love’ certainly shows they’ve lost none of their pop punk chops, but what else could be to follow. (DW)

Issues – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

Issues’ 2014 debut pushed the boundaries of modern metalcore further than ever before, fusing the genre’s Warped Tour tropes with the slickest of R&B and hip-hop influences. 2016 will see them return with a brand new album, and going by the new song ‘The Realest they’ve been playing live as of late, it’s set to be just as boundary-pushing as their debut. There are no definite details as of yet, but an appearance at Slam Dunk Festival in May would imply that at least some new material should be coming sooner rather than later. And something’s better than nothing, right? (LN)

Basement – ‘Promise Everything’ (Release Date: Janaury 29th)

It seems years since Basement returned from their brief hiatus but in equal measure a third full-length is long overdue. Nevertheless with members now spread across the globe, the quintet reconvened last year to record ‘Promise Everything’.

Pieced together by sending ideas back and forth across different time zones, ‘Promise Everything’ sees a band carefully crafting a record built on trust and lucid understanding. It highlights the bands matured approach with warm melodies (‘Oversized’) and coherent lyrical pacing (‘Aquasun’) thus giving way to a more concentrated effort. However songs like ‘Blinded Bye’ and ‘Hanging Around’ play into muddled, 90’s rock of 2012s ‘Colourmeinkindness’.

With the addition of UK and US tours to follow, it looks like 2016 is going to be a busy year for Basement, and in ‘Promise Everything’ they have a record to make an impact. (SR)

American Football – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

American Football’s rise from (relatively) obscure Polyvinyl alumni to emo megastars is frequently baffling; a second stage appearance at this year’s Reading Festival just further highlighting the massive jump with which American Football’s stock has risen while they were away.

However, a few reunion shows around the world is one thing, the thought of new material, something else entirely. Yet here we are, with the possibility of a new album looming large for later in the year.

The evidence? An interview at Reading Festival with NME confirmed that some new songs had been written and an album was “in the pipeline” – with the caveat that it would only see the light of day if the songs were good enough (who are they kidding, of course they’ll be good enough!). Watch this space… (RM)

letlive. – If I’m the Devil… (Release Date: TBC)

When you’ve delivered two stellar albums back to back, you’re left with a tricky task of completing a hat-trick. However when you’re Letlive., you get the feeling that they are more than capable of delivering another exceptional record. Album number four will be titled ‘If I’m the Devil…’ and sees the Los Angeles post-hardcore mob with big expectations on their shoulders. Nevertheless having proved to be one of rock and post-hardcore’s most cohesive and compelling bands in recent years, it is clear vocalst Jason Aalon Butler and company are aiming to step things up on ‘If I’m the Devil…’.

Having spoken about the record in recent interviews, Butler gives the impression that the insecurities that have haunted him personally and the band in the past are no longer existent, allowing letlive. to explore their sound more so than ever. With landmarks efforts ‘Fake History’ and ‘The Blackest Beautiful’ incorporating soul, funk and rhythm & blues, the possibilities seem to be endless this time round. With a fearless approach, letlive. will return with intent as their status is sure to rise in 2016. (SR)

Dowsing – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

The clown princes of the emo revival, Dowsing have already got a handful of excellent releases behind them, meaning there’s a rabid expectation around the Chicago mob’s new record, due out in the Spring on Asian Man in the States and the ever-excellent Dog Knights in the UK/EU.

In fact, it’s a wonder the follow up to 2013’s ‘I Don’t Even Care Anymore’ is coming so soon, considering vocalist Erik Czaja’s work with Pet Symmetry and drummer Will Lange’s spin with Ratboys – both of which had busy 2014s. Still, it means the as-yet untitled album feels like an unexpected present – and we can’t wait. (RM)

Modern Baseball – Holy Ghost (Release Date: TBC)

Modern Baseball took us by surprise when they unexpectedly dropped the excellent ‘MoBo Presents: The Perfect Cast EP Featuring Modern Baseball’ late in 2015. That they announced their forthcoming album, titled ‘Holy Ghost’, at the same time just shows the confidence the Philly quartet have in their new material.

Although the group will again be releasing the new album through Run For Cover, ‘Holy Ghost’ will represent the first time the group has called on outside help for production duties, roping in Hop Along’s Joe Reinhart to helm the project. With ‘Holy Ghost’ promising a mature, yet no less engaging or exciting sound, considering the explosion in popularity the group has experienced over the last two years, it’s little wonder it’s one of the most anticipated albums of 2016. (RM)

Bad Ideas – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

2015 saw Lincoln based punks Bad Ideas being named as one of 50 bands to watch. Whilst no new material was released last year, it did prove to be a year of growth the quartet. Having toured with Tellison and The Gospel Youth and a slot at Beligum’s Groezrock Festival, Bad Ideas have positioned themselves for bigger and better things in 2016.

With work underway on their third full length album, we expect them to continue to move away from their beginnings towards a more punk rock-centric sound with an apparent hint of 90s Brit-Pop. Furthermore Bassist Chris Coleshaw has spoke of the quartet producing a “big guitar rock album” full of “weird guitar sounds and left field vocal arrangements”. Sounds good to us. (SR)

Somos – First Day Back (Release Date: February 19th)

Two years Boston, MA’s Somos debut LP ‘Temple of Plenty’ landed in our inbox and didn’t leave our ears for the most part of 2014. Fast forward to the present and the quartet find themselves on Hopeless Records alongside Taking Back Sunday, Neck Deep, Have Mercy and many others. With touring experience and brief spell on No Sleep Records under their belt, they’re set to release a new LP entitled ‘First Day Back’ next month.

Over the course of eleven songs Somos take the harmonious mature emo-tinged pop-punk of their debut and head in a sonically pleasing direction, offering a more layered and dynamic presentation. Complimented by Michael Fiorentino’s unique, compelling vocals and a range of warm guitar melodies, songs like ‘Alright, I’ll Wait’ and ‘Lifted From The Current’ highlight a reflective, mature tone. If you’ve been won over by the likes of label mates Have Mercy in recent years, then Somos will certainly be right up your street. (SR)

Fatherson – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

Fatherson put out one of the most accomplished and expertly crafted British rock debut in many a year when their first album ‘I Am An Island’ in 2014. We were suitably blown away by the Scottish trio’s efforts and have been eagerly awaiting a follow up ever since. Now we’re awfully close to getting our wish.

The lads from Kilmarnock recently previewed their sophomore long player with new single ‘Always’. The track shows their knack of turning out huge brooding melodic rock numbers with even bigger choruses and atmosphere for days has only increased in scope since signing with Easy Life Records. We’d already be happy to call this as an early shout for British release of the year, but with Fatherson now calling the likes of Lower Then Atlantis and Tonight Alive label mates, this could be the year these Scots really explode. (DW)

Lonely The Brave – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

Almost 18 months removed from releasing their impressive debut, ‘The Day’s War’, Cambridge’s Lonely The Brave have been putting the finish touches to its follow up in Sheffield. With promises of a “big sound” adding to an already expansive presentation, the quintet previewed a selection of new material on a headline UK tour late last year. ‘Boxes’ is a steady, earnest number and ‘Radar’ proving to be a through and through rock number.

With producer Ross Orton at the helm and a wealth of road experience under their belt, Lonely The Brave have all the ingredients to deliver a worthy successor to a record that fulfilled after a string of stunning singles. With a template of big choruses, dynamic instrumentation and David Jakes’ mesmerising vocals already in place, look out for LTB to add more textured and dynamic elements to LP#2. (SR)

This Wild Life – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

Things have been something of a whirlwind for Kevin Jordan and Anthony Del Grosso since they dropped their debut album ‘Clouded’ on Epitaph Records back in 2014. The pair, better known as This Wild Life, had previously shed their full band heavy pop punk lineup and sound to focus on becoming a strictly acoustic pop punk act. What a decision that turned out to be, as their eye for unbelievably addictive melodies and gorgeous harmonies saw ‘Clouded’ bothering album of the year lists across the globe.

Since then the pair have brought their sweet acoustic sounds to tours with much heavier bills holding their own alongside a veritable who’s who of pop punk and emo rock. We’re yet to hear much in the way of new material but if it’s anything close to ‘History’, ‘Concrete’ and ‘No More Bad Days’ then This Wild Life’s sophomore release is one to get excited about. UK fans can hope to catch some new songs live when they return as tour support to Sleeping With Sirens in February and March. (DW)

Rob Lynch – TBC (Release Date: TBC

London-based singer-songwriter Rob Lynch has been a familiar face on the pages of Already Heard for a number of years, and that’s for a good reason. On record Lynch’s style is reflective and poignant yet in a live setting they turn into impassioned and spirited songs that easily bring a room together.

2014’s debut full-length ‘All These Nights in Bars Will Somehow’ earned plenty of well-deserved praise. However Lynch, along with his band, are ready to turn over a new page with LP#2. Recorded last Summer, his sophomore release will be a full band effort.Having shared the stage with Lynch for over a yeah, guitarist Jonny Ward, bassist Tom Aylott and drummer Charlie Thomas will be on hand to enhance Lynch’s earnest songs to sound fuller than before. Lyrically Rob has stated it won’t be “deep” as past releases and the songs come from “a happier place”. (SR)

Brand New – TBC (Release Date: TBC)

We’ll admit including Brand New as part of our “Most Anticipated” list for 2016 is a risk. Having appeared on similar lists through a variety of publications in recent years have proved to be unsuccessful. However 2015 was surprisingly an eventful year for the Long Island, New York group.

There were multiple tours on both sides of the Atlantic, emotional speeches from front man Jesse Lacey, Instagram photos of the band working in the studio, ‘Deja Entendu’ being re-pressed on vinyl, and long overdue lyric books being sent to fans. Oh and the small matter of the first new recorded material to appear since 2009’s ‘Daisy’ in the form of ‘Mene’. The 2:29 track proved to be a brash return for Brand New, showcasing renewed angst with it’s thunderous tempo, biting vocals delivery, and screeching guitars.

So with a unusually busy 2015 out of the way and a US tour with Modest Mouse already pencilled in for the summer, could this be the year Brand New finally deliver a new album? (SR)

If these 23 albums don’t get you excited, then you can expect to see releases from the following bands and a whole lot more…

The One Hundred, The Gospel Youth, Thrice, WSTR, Milk Teeth, 36 Crazyfists, A Day To Remember, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Ashestoangels, Asking Alexandria, Black Stone Cherry, Blood Youth, Boats, Boston Manor, Boy Jumps Ship, Brightr, Capsize, Code Orange, Dead Bars, Dikembe, Dream Theatre, Ducking Punches, Firebird Band, From Indian Lakes, Giants, Gojira, Half Hearted Hero, Hatebreed, Haybaby, JAWS, Jeff Rosenstock, Joey Jordison, John K Samson, Kevin Devine, Killswitch Engage, Koji, KoRn, Krokodil, Lacey, Light You Up, Like Torches, Look Mexico, Max Raptor, Muncie Girls, Night Verses, Opeth, Pierce The Veil, Plague Vendor, PUP, River Jumpers, Roam, Rozwell Kid, Sad Blood, Sinai Vessel, Slingshot Dakota, The Color & Sound, The Rocket Summer, Tiny Moving Parts, Trash Boat, Turnstile, Volbeat, Wild Pink, Decade, Woahnows, Allusondrugs, and Lacuna Coil.

Words by Sêan Reid (SR), Rob Mair (RM), Dane Wright (DW) and Luke Nuttall (LN)


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