For Preston Pop Punk quartet Next Stop Atlanta, 2012 was a great year which saw the bands sophomore release, ‘The Things You Do Best’ receiving superb feedback and also saw the band begin work on their début full-length.

However 2013 promises to be even better for the band with a new single (‘Get In The Van’) in the works and a co-headline tour alongside Everybody Looks Famous taking place next month.

The band made up of vocalist Georgia Peters, guitarist Nik Taylor, bassist Blake Sale and drummer Richard Green, took some time out from writing new material and preparing for the tour to take part in Already Heard’s “If I…" questionnaire where they told which member of the Rat Pack they’d like to play with, which Jimmy Eat World album they wish they had written and more.

If your band would like to be featured as part of “If I…” full details can be found here.

If I could re-record one song it would be…
Next Stop Atlanta: When we first started out we wrote a song called ;Another Missed Chapter’. It’s a great song but we only got to demo it and not put it out on a record.

If I could re-live one tour/show it would be…
NSA: Supporting Status Quo infront of eight thousand people. That was incredible.

If I had the chance to play one venue it would be…
NSA: Manchester Academy 1 – with fake NSA merch outside the venue.

If I could play with one band it would be…
NSA: Foo Fighters.

If I could play with any person living or dead it would be…
NSA: Frank Sinatra

If I could bring back any band that have split up, it would be…
NSA: Idlewild.

If I wasn’t playing music, I would be…
NSA: Flipping burgers.

If I could play a different genre it would be…
NSA: Metal.

If I could have written any song it would be…
NSA: ‘Escape Artists Never Die’ – Funeral For A Friend.

If I could have written any album it would be…
NSA: ‘Clarity’ – Jimmy Eat World.

If I could headline any festival, it would be…
NSA: Groezrock!

If I could organise my own festival, the bands playing would be…
NSA: Blink-182, Good Charlotte, Rufio, Bruce Springstein, Thrice, and Radiohead.

If I could play any other instrument, it would be…
NSA: The skin flute.

If I could give one piece of advice to a new band, it would be…
NSA: Be patient. Take your time and try not to rush things but keep the work ethic positive and productivity high.

Next Stop Atlanta will be tour with Everybody Looks Famous next month.

7th Jam Jar, Dunfermline
8th Garage 2, Aberdeen
9th Beat Generator, Dundee
10th The Library, Leeds
11th Dry Bar, Manchester

‘The Things You Do Best’ by Next Stop Atlanta is available now through Hang Tight Records(CD)Pinky Swear (Cassette) and iTunes.

Next Stop Atlanta links: Facebook|Twitter|Youtube

Words by Sean Reid (@SeanReid86)

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